Tesco pulled up on brand guarantee - and are they killing Hudl?

tesco bag Tesco, are still in the middle of a very, very sticky period in their history, and now, the latest problem is that they are going to be pulled up by the advertising watchdog over their new Brand Guarantee.

It is thought that Tesco's new idea flouts a ruling which, hilariously, they were responsible fr getting put into place in the first instance. Round of applause for Tesco there.

In case you didn't know, Tesco are trying to win shoppers back into their arms, by running a campaign that sees customers getting a refund at the till if branded goods are cheaper somewhere else.

Sadly for Tesco, rival businesses are saying that this promotion fails to point out that customers are only entitled to a refund if they've bought more than 10 items, and that it only matches against its Big Four rivals, rather than whole retail sector. Tesco there, fundamentally not understanding that people are irritated by these kinds of deals, when certain shops eschew them for simply keeping prices low.

It looks like Tesco's new slogan, “Never pay more for your branded shop”, is going to get spanked by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), because basically, it is twaddle.

So what's this about this ruling being something Tesco are responsible for? Well, three years ago, Tesco referred Sainsbury’s to the ASA over their brand matching promotion, and said that it wasn't a fair deal and was misleading. And now look at them. Potentially getting told off for being misleading.

All this confusing pish isn't the only mystifying decision that Tesco are making, as it looks like the Hudl is slowly being shunted out by the supermarket. As you know, the Hudl2 was cheap, decent and one of Tesco's best products.

The supermarket was all set to unveil their latest version of it this month, but it still hasn't arrived. It also looks like they're not going to bother doing one at all. In addition to that, many of the people who were behind the Hudl tablets, no longer work for the company and new gaffer Dave Lewis has been blarting on about getting rid of Tesco's 'non-core' assets.

Looks like the Hudl might be getting the boot, and Tesco will persevere with confusing promotions that no-one cares about.

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