Tesco Now to offer one-hour deliveries?

tesco The folks at Tesco have filed a trademark for the name Tesco Now. This can only mean one thing - they're going to start doing one-hour deliveries. Of course, a number of Tesco's rivals are on this already, so the supermarket needs to keep up.

The trade mark covers five different food areas and the delivery of goods, which is clearly a response to Amazon's Prime Now/Fresh services.

We don't exactly look to Tesco these days, to be anything like groundbreaking or cutting edge, but this will be good news for anyone who are still loyal to the company. For the average punter, this is all competition which hopefully means lower prices for all!

Amazon themselves aren't offering fresh fruit and veg as yet, so Tesco could get the jump on them if they get their behinds in gear.

Anything is better than their pretty dismal price match scheme that they're currently rolling out, and of course, it is nice to see they're not above copying good ideas from elsewhere (no supermarket should be too proud to do that).

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We trademark a range of names to protect potential projects involving the Tesco brand."

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