Tesco: Now doing a pizza delivery service

17 March 2014

pizzaface Tesco are desperate to win everyone over again and so, seemingly having a look at the internet to see what people fizz with enthusiasm over, they've decided to look at becoming a pizza delivery service. Presumably, they thought about cats, Drake and big booties and couldn't work out how to sell those, first.

The retailer is launching a trial of this pizza delivery service at the new Tesco Extra store in Streatham in South London. This particular outlet is located in a social housing scheme which has hundreds of flats.

Tesco's director for London, Andrew Yaxley, said: "The pizza delivery idea came from the local store manager and is about trying new things."

Of course, there's good money in pizza delivery. The market is worth £6.9 billion in the UK and Domino's and Pizza Hut are doing very, very well out of it. However, would anyone really want Tesco to make them a pizza and deliver it to them? If the store is within your estate, you could walk there. If you want one delivered, you'll probably want something greasy and pleasingly nasty, which you can get delivered to you from a local takeaway already.

They haven't exactly found a gap in the market have they?

Tesco are allowing store managers to try more things out and the big bosses are allowing a certain flexibility to each store, which means that there could be a load of new initiatives cropping up all over the country. This approach is a bid to win some hearts and minds after Tesco admitted it had an image problem.

If they want to win everyone over, they might think about improving their products and looking at their prices first, eh?

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  • Alistair B.
    Bad choice of store to start, it's just down the road from the amazing Brava Ragazzi, best pizza in London by far!

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