Tesco launch instant-win price comparison scheme

Tesco are coming out fighting after the horsemeat scandal continued to kick away their already eroding control of the high street. To win back heart and minds, they've launched a new price comparison and voucher scheme.

The new 'Price Promise' will allow you compare the overall cost of your basket (on its own branded products) against those of Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

If the price comparison scheme shows a goods would've been cheaper elsewhere, you'll get an instant coupon for the difference in price. If you're shopping online, you'll get it by email.

This is clearly going toe-to-toe with Sainsbury’s 'Brand Match' scheme and Asda's 'Price Guarantee'.

"We're the first major retailer in the UK to compare our prices against the branded and own-label prices of our competitors and give customers an automatic coupon for the difference," said Chris Bush, Tesco's big cheese. Tesco will be hoping that this will work better than their 'big price drop' which was widely referred to as 'big price flop' by retail analysts.


  • Tim B.
    These schemes are all a complete waste of time. You want a price comparison scheme that will draw customers? "If any item in your basket (not just the basket as a whole) is available cheaper at any of our competitors, we'll charge you the cheaper price automatically." No vouchers, no 'refunds' - If you're trying to convince customers that you're the cheapest, just be the fucking cheapest and have done with it.
  • Steve O.
    Agree with Tim B. The Sainsburys one means nothing to me since I shop there perhaps every two or three months, so any voucher telling me how much cheaper it would have been elsewhere and offering it back for my next visit (within 2 weeks) is actually just a slap in the face. Just take it off the total at the time if you want me to be impressed.
  • samuri
    first horse meat now horse shit, Tosco can fuck right off im now getting veg from a local farm and boy dose it taste better
  • Dr Z.
    My! It also helps with your command of the English language too samuri. I hope to get a coupon for all their lovely dumpster foods which I obtain.
  • Dick
    Plus veggies from a local farm are free if you get them at night time.
  • Mike O.
    @Tim B Absolutely spot on mate. Marketing twaddle that relies on the majority of customers forgetting to bring the ticket next time.
  • HW
    Am I not right in saying that the Asda price guarantee thing is for all the items you purchase, not just own brands...? I have to admit that this is a factor when considering where to shop, when i have the choice between Tesco and Asda.

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