Tesco isn't trying to be like Waitrose. HONEST.

Tesco’s overhaul of its Finest Range is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with trying to compete with Waitrose, says Tesco.


The Finest range makeover is an essential part of Tesco’s £1bn restructuring of the brand, after profits dipped in the last year. It’s something of a coincidence, especially as you consider that Waitrose are flying higher than Heston after eating a giant Wham bar made of helium and dry ice. Tesco are also banging as many adverts as they can in between posh snore fest Downton Abbey, to appeal to the Waitrose crowd.

‘This isn’t about taking on Waitrose,' insisted Chris Bush from Tesco, putting down his Waitrose recipe cards. ‘This is us continuing our journey of improving our food offer that started last year with the relaunch of Everyday Value, the continual improvement of the Tesco brand and now the relaunch of Finest.’

1500 Tesco Finest products are set to be revamped and repackaged, with the introduction of 400 new products, and the removal of some unglamorous existing ones, like baked beans. It’s all about the provenance (Waitrose) and the quality (Waitrose) and the organic-ness (Waitrose.)

Watch out for a column by Pippa Middleton in Waitrose - I mean, Tesco - magazine soon.


  • shiftynifty
    Tesco...Industrial food for Industrial people
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Tesco certainly cost as much as Waitrose but they really don't have the quality. Pippa Middleton is shit. Nothing she 'comes up with' looks any good. She is a real life non-entity. All she's done is be born after her sister (another waste of space) who married a royal (again, another waste of space). They're earning their millions, twats.
  • Her L.
    Why would Tesco want to try to take on Waitrose? Tesco customers wear Primark tracksuit bottoms and a stained vest, Waitrose customers wear jodphur leggings and a Barbour gilet. Once they accept their customers are scum, Tesco will stop falling profits.

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