Tesco giving out paper bags to save you 5p. Don't get used to it

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.52.10Ever since we were all made to pay 5p for a carrier bag there has been absolute uproar. We've seen people doing at least 14 trips to their car to save 15p and many outright refusing to use their free bag for life out of principle.

One Tesco store in London has recently been giving out brown paper bags as they obviously wouldn't attract the 5p charge. Great for the consumer but maybe not so great for some of the charities receiving a cut of the 5p charge. They need not worry though, this was only done as a one off in a single store and there has been no suggestion so far that this could be a long term thing or rolled out to other stores.

For Tesco, they used to reward "green shoppers" by awarding a Clubcard point for every bag of your own you used but they scrapped this when the 5p charge was introduced.

So the initiative is now save 5p per bag and at the same time save a leatherback sea turtle from mistaking your carrier bag for a bit of food.


  • jim
    yeah i used to get green points for bringing in bags. dont anymore :( i dont understand why so much fuss is being made. basically people are tight fisted and dont give a shit about the planet. screw those people - i laugh when they get angry about it. boo hoo hoo i forget to bring a bag - i knew i was going shopping. boo hoo hoo i dont care about the environment i want to make as much waste as i can fuck em
  • Rhi
    I always get at least one of those bags in my online shopping. It's a fruit and veg bag, they've had them for ages (in Wales anyway).
  • squiffy
    People really need to get over the 5p. People will spend 50p in petrol to drive instead of walk a short distance.

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