Tesco error prompts booze rush in Scotland

2 June 2011

tesco NEWEvery little helps say Tesco, especially when they've got a glitch in the system that helps already willing Scots get drunk on the cheap.

An error at a Scottish store in the tills ended up slashing the price of beer and cider, leading to a rush of customers piling through the door to exploit the supermarket giant. A deal that offered three boxes of various boozy treats for £20 was going registering on the checkouts at three for £11.


Of course, this news spread like wildfire across the internet from around 7pm, with people either getting in on a good deal or simply having a laugh at the expense of a company that makes huge amounts of money.

One human on Twitter chirruped: "Price glitch for beer has literally caused a stampede at the local Tesco. Tempers are flying in car park."

Such was the rush that the police were alerted to the Tesco in Greenock after the carpark swarmed with giddy people, causing heavy congestion.

Sadly, the spoilsports at Tesco quickly spotted the pricing error and soon, all the cashiers were putting correct prices through.

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  • PlatinumPlatypus
    They don't seem to be so alert when a 'pricing error' results in a multibuy not applying or going through at a higher price than ticketed.
  • Casey
    your blog states "from around 7pm". This was on Hot UK deals at 1:30pm yesterday. Well done to all who took advantage!
  • Stu_
    What about the other glitches? The Was £5 now £4 - actually went through at £1. All the gardening stuff apparently (see the site called HotUKDeals)
  • Dick
    Does beer count as booze north of the border? Surely it dilutes the blood alcohol content of most Scots.
  • Richard
    I don't get how this is news, misprices at supermarkets happen daily... Is it just because it was with beer in scotland :-P
  • Paul N.
    Added a link to HUKD in the original article. There was a load of these glitches yesterday.
  • someone
    Basically they mixed up the price with the discount. Loads of stuff yesterday for not a lot of money. Ironically the best bargains were things with the least discount ;)
  • LD
    Dick in name, Dick in nature
  • HA
    It wasn't at A Scottish store, it was at ALL Scottish stores. And although the news reports are saying that the error was being rectified at point of sale, this was definately not the case at my local Tesco. They quite happily sold me 15 cases of beer for £55 at about 20:30. Shortly after they started limiting it to three cases per customer (still at £11 for all three). So people were simply buying three, putting them in the car, then going back in and buying another three. Was rather chaotic and you could see tempers rising when stock started running low. One woman in particular looked extremely angry as she watched me grab the last case of Stella...
  • zeddy
    Bloody alco-Jocks.
  • oliverreed
    Keeps the Jocks off the antifreeze for a bit I guess.

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