Tesco ditch illegal teeth whitening service

white teeth You won't be able to get your teeth whitened at Tesco any more, so you'll have to get your Rylan gnashers done elsewhere now.

You see, customers may have thought that you were getting professional whitening done at the stores, but investigators found that unqualified staff were offering the service, which of course is a breach of industry rules.

Even though more and more people are using home teeth whitening kits, you're only supposed to have it done by professional dental heath people, according to the General Dental Council.

The people behind the service - Regis, who normally cut your hair for you - said that their service was completely safe, but no matter, Tesco have scrapped the teeth whitening service at their 130 salons (which include the concession stands at a host of their supermarkets) after Trading Standards and the General Dental Council advised them to do so.

The GDC’s Katie Spears said: "We are pleased at Regis’ decision. Teeth whitening is the practice of dentistry and can only be legally and safely carried out by a professional."

A spokesperson for Regis said: "Regis has always believed the self-administered service offered in our salons is entirely legal. On the advice of trading standards, we decided to withdraw it."

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