Tesco ditch £93,000's worth of garlic bread for lying

tesco Tesco have had to withdraw nearly 70,000 packs of garlic bread slices, after it turned out they were selling them at the wrong weight. That's right - Tesco have been swizzing people out of product by flogging underweight garlic bread.

Shout out to anyone who just shouted "GARLIC BREAD?!" in their heads just now.

So what's the deal? Well, after visiting some stores in Scotland, Trading Standards officers found that 39 packets of the supermarket’s own-brand product had net weights below the figure declared on the packaging. Some were quite substantial too, being 20% less than what was advertised.

As a result, Tesco have had to remove the offending product from shelves, to the tune of around £93,000's worth of garlic bread.

The Trading Standards manager, Wilma Urquhart, said: "Aberdeenshire council’s Trading Standards service takes these incidents extremely seriously and we were pleased to see that the supermarket acted swiftly following the discovery."

"By issuing an emergency product withdrawal, batches worth £93,000 have been removed from the shelves. Our work is very important in protecting both consumers and businesses from unfair competition, and the service will continue to work with both Tesco and Bakkavör [the baker of the product] to ensure legislative compliance."

A Tesco spokesman said: "We take great care to deliver clear information for our customers so they can make informed decisions on the products they buy and to ensure that customers receive the stated quantity of product."

"We are disappointed that errors occurred with a very small number of products and we have worked with our supplier to ensure there is no repeat of the issue."


  • peter k.
    garlic bread?
  • tin
    a sticker with the correct weight on it?
  • Dan
    I hope they gave it to the needy instead of binning it.

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