Tesco: Desperate to win you back with meat and drive-throughs

Bitterwallet - Tesco Value droidWith Tesco reluctantly announcing that they've not been making as much money as they'd like, they've gone on a charm offensive in a bid to win us all back, not that any of us are at all loyal and will go wherever is cheapest or nearest.

So what are they up to?

Well, first off, they're launching 'drive-through' shopping, which means that, under the 'click and collect' scheme, you'll be able to order stuff online and then pick them up from one of 150 stores. Or, you could just get them to deliver it, which is much better.

This £1 billion turnaround plan also includes sending out money-off vouchers to customers as well as offering more meat.

That's right. Tesco is increasing the meat content in ready meals in a bid to not only win customers back, but also, try and woo UK farmers who are looking at a £50million cash boost as a result... and that could be PR gold.

And meals will have 20% more meat in them, so they're definitely no mucking about. Tesco are also doing the same with Italian meals and promising that their 'Finest' range will be 100% beef and chicken.

Tesco. Now the needy ex who wants to show you what you're missing.


  • Haggis
    They should start selling 'Hot Beef Injections.'
  • Sicknote
    I ferkin hate Tesco and would never shop there.
  • Sicknote
    ........but I do stop there for a Tesco value piss when I'm passing through Dorchester
  • Inspector G.
    Dear Tesco. Adding 20% more meat to your ready meals will not reverse your fortunes. Try not treating your customers like idiots. We buy the same products every week so doubling the price of something only to make it buy one get one free only serves to demonstrate you treat your customers with contempt.
  • Shifty n.
    Crap goods , terrible customer service, the one near me security wear stab proof vests on the veg section, seriously one shop that needs to fail
  • Alex B.
    Due to failing grain harvests worldwide this year, animal farmers are reducing the size of their herds in expectation of not being able to afford to feed them next year due to high grain prices. Hence, glut of cheaper meat and price rises for cereal-based products like bread. Next year, it'll be the reverse (or high cereal prices again if the weather's unusually bad again next year).
  • Terry L.
    Tesco must be in serious trouble as they only just managed to scrape a £1.7 BILLION profit.
  • snigface
    you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy....
  • The M.
    Maybe they could start teaching their bakers how to bake a fucking loaf of bread so it doesn't leave you feeling sick. Seriously, how hard is it? White = Not done.

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