Tesco customer gets forthright on Twitter over nasty pizza

Since all the shops got on Twitter and Facebook, people have been able to converse with them quicker, and easier, than at any other time in history. You don't even have to get off the couch to complain about stuff.

One man, Luke Mitchell, tweeted an image of a pizza he'd bought from Tesco and, as you'll immediately see from the image below, the base was a bit on the moudly side.


Linda, who works on Tesco's social media customer service team, was on hand to deal with the problem. She'd either had a very long day, or was dealing with a huge volume of people on Twitter, as she missed the nasty underside of the pizza.

Of course, Luke wasn't having any of it.

Lots of people piled in, having fun with the whole situation, while some people said that Luke might want to revise the way he speaks to people dealing with his query.

In the end, it all got sorted and refunds were offered.


  • Keith t.
    Yep, although funny, there is no need to reply like that....
  • MrsW
    No need to be disrespectful to her, and no need for that language, am sure if he actually had to go into an actual store he wouldn't have spoke to a 'real' person like that.
  • Arthur
    When you showing someone a photo of not very fresh product and this person still asking you what is wrong that can be frustrating. I work in one of Tesco distrbution centre and I can tell you it is not one time thing we have not fresh product's going to store. Good thing is that people start to show when big company cuts cost and sell them unfresh product.
  • Father J.
    He sounds a bit of a cunt, but then aren't all Twitter users?
  • NovaHorizon
    I had to find this page to figure this out.. Personally, I feel he was zoomed in a bit too much as I couldn't personally even identify the object on the right. I side with Linda and also would have asked what was wrong since I've not a clue what the picture even is without someone clarifying it.

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