Tesco crush puny resistance of seaside village

Bitterwallet - Tesco Value droidTesco really like the seaside town of Sheringham. They like it so much that they have been battling with it for 14 years in an attempt to build a supermarket there.

The residents of the Norfolk town, who number just over 7,000 people, have been protesting about the construction of a proposed Tesco store since 1996. They really don't like the idea of Tesco Value Beans or something.

Earlier this year, they were under the impression that they had thwarted the shopping giant after officials opted for a community project run by a local farmer instead. However, Tesco aren't to be written off and they submitted a new plan in August which was today narrowly approved by North Norfolk District Council.

During a meeting which lasted almost six hours and saw more than 20 members of the public provide testimonies, it is reported that councillors voted 8-7 to give the Tesco supermarket the go-ahead. They had been level-pegging at 7-7, until development committee chairman Simon Partridge voted in favour of the retail giant, prompting locals to mutter libellous comments under their breath.

Council leader Virginia Gay said, once people had stopped sniggering at her name: "For this council, this has always been a matter of dealing with the applications on planning grounds. Our concern, as it is in all planning matters, has been to do our best to make sure Sheringham gets the right development in the right place. That's what has led to today's decision, so that Sheringham finally gets a store that is appropriate to its needs."

Of course, loads of people who don't give a frig about the morals of a shop will be delighted that they can get cheap shopping in now. Unless, of course, they live in one of the many flats that will be knocked down to make way for the new supermarket.

That said, a new fire station and community centre and a total of 14 affordable homes will also be built and Tesco has guaranteed £1.2million in funding towards the extra housing.


  • Bryan F.
    What's her name? Virginia Gay.
  • Milky
    TESCOWANKERS... Wish more folk would oust the slime from their towns, nasty nasty supermarket. The only time I would have no problem treading dogshit into a supermarket would be if the aforementioned supermarket were Tesco.
  • scl
    sorry - wasn't it 8/7 so what are the names of the other 7 besides VG?
  • Phil K.
    Don't blame Tesco. Blame the council bastards. Bet they're unelected politically correct hypocrites.
  • Kevin
    If the local people don't want it then don't use it! If it's not used it'll be closed. They can solve their own problem. But any supermarket that comes into a small town gets used. If it gets used then it was needed. I've not heard of a Tescos having to close from lack of customers.
  • George A.
    Virgina Gay doesn't even sound like an english name. Get out of our country you foreigner.
  • George A.
    It's because of foreigners the new housing is needed. The Tesco wouldn't be needed to give the £1 million if they weren't here. Kick them out NOW!
  • hippy1001
    As someone else said, if they object to it, dont use it. Just keep on shopping where you were shopping before, its not that hard, nobody (yet) will hold a gun to your head to use the supermarket.
  • o'dreary
    kevin, inbreds are not smart
  • lala
    Do Tesco use too much packaging?
  • hehe
    lol at tesco value droid :)
  • Rich
    I hate Tesco, it's like a virus and gets everywhere, they aren't cheap either, they keep records of everything you buy, the authorities can access this information if they want! Anyway ALDI and Morrisons are my main shops, items are cheaper there...Milk at Tesco is about £1.50 for 2 litres at ALDI it is £1.09, so if I buy six bottles a week, I save quite a bit, that's just on the milk. Obviously having ALDI relatively close is a positive.
  • delrio
    bah that sucks, sheringham's lovely and part of what makes it lovely is all the individual shops. i would have thought 8-7 shouldnt' be a big enough margin to push something like this through. but ho hum
  • Rich2
    @Rich Oh god, imagine that. I would not be able to handle the thought that Tesco knew I'd been buying 5 pots of KY Jelly at the self-service every week. They'd probably publish it as a story on national news and then knock my house down so they could build a Tesco Express. Bastards.
  • Opinionated
    Why is Tesco being allowed to get away with this. They are doing a similar thing in Nottingham, they have 3 superstores in a 5 mile radious and are trying to build another one.... WTF!!! They are destroying this country with their rediculous stores that take up huge plots of land which could be used to build community centres, health centres or something, Anything but another flammin tesco. How much are tesco paying these council officials to get their votes anyway????
  • fba
    Tesco have finally got into our small town on the east yorkshire coast - approx 8000 people - took them years to get the permission and now they have it, all they want to do is change every element of it 1 by 1. Thankfully , so far , every one of them has been denied !!
  • kfcws
    @fba, any info about that you can link to? In Leicester, there are 2 tescos within a few miles of each other and lots of those bastard express things. 1 of the big ones was built next to a road that didn't exist (until they paid to get the plans approved by the council after 18+ years) on top of a grade 2 listed building that mysteriously burnt down and the council deemed uneconomical to repair. Oh and the other one owns the entire shopping centre it is on... 50+ shops all paying Tesco for the privilege
  • AyePet
    As mentioned above, noone forces people to use these Tescos. If other supermarkets could afford to expand as much as Tesco they would. People blame Tesco for so much, but it is the repeated business they get every week which keeps them there. Councils and residents should be doing more to encourage local business's to expand, for more ethical supermarkets to move in, instead they lay back expecting it to happy by magic. Tesco see this apathy, see potential market and pounce just like any decent business. Repeat business and complete omission of any proactive action from councils and residents and this is the result. Blame yourselves not Tesco.
  • Slacker
    > How much are tesco paying these council officials to get their votes anyway???? One imagines that the elected representatives held out this long only to get the price up. I hope whatever inducements the 'honorable' Councillors received were worth it. I don't imagine any of them will do very well at the next elections.

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