Tesco criticised for misleading ad campaign, which is a massive shock to everyone

tesco NEWThose lovable rouges at Tesco have been chided by the ASA for a misleading advert for its Price Check campaign.

We, The Idiots, were told by Tesco that they'd refund double the difference on any basket of groceries that we could find cheaper at Asda.

What they actually meant was that they'd only do that up to a maximum refund value of £20.

In the TV advert, it was said: "At Tesco, we understand times are tough, so we've lowered over 1,000 prices right across the store … And you can now check the price of your shop at Tesco Price Check and if you find your comparable grocery shopping cheaper at Asda, we'll happily refund double the difference …"

There were similar claims on the Tesco website and on various leaflets, all of which failed to mention the £20 limit.

In a statement the ASA said: "Inserting the £20 limit in the terms and conditions, but not in the ads themselves, had not made it sufficiently clear that there was a limit – data demonstrated that the percentage of total Price Check requests affected by the £20 limit continued to rise after this date."

Tesco, in response to this, said that it was our fault because the British shopper is an inherently sneaky bastard. Basically, they introduced the £20 cap to stop us from "tactically shopping". Poor little Tesco, being taken advantage of like that. The offer was only for nice, real shoppers, not those nasty tactical shoppers who "threatened its commercial viability".

The ASA weren't having that and said it saw no evidence that this was the case.

In its ruling the ASA added: "We considered that the £20 limit was a significant restriction likely to affect the average consumer's decision to shop at Tesco during the promotional period. Because the restriction was not included in ads we concluded that they were misleading. Because the restriction was only found in the fair-use policy … we concluded that the terms and conditions contradicted rather than clarified the headline claim and therefore that [the advert] was also misleading."

Tesco can't show this commercial again and all other promotional correspondence must be changed too. It'll cost them a fortune sorting it out, which of course, is hilarious.


  • samuri
    what they mean is they have lowered 1000 prices but raised 2000 to more than compensate with more favorable produce as we are bastards
  • chools
    "It’ll cost them a fortune sorting it out, which of course, is hilarious." Not really, as they'll pass on the cost to the consumer
  • Tesco
    HA! By the time the ASA has got its arse in gear the promotion is usually over and we've moved on to another one. We're not going to use the exact same stuff again so the ban is pointless. We'll call it 'Price Challange' next year and print up a few newish leaflets. We'd have to refilm the advert anyway to keep it 'fresh'. Additional cost to us = £none Just like all of the other 'banned' adverts from everybody else.
  • Justin A.
    Just do what I've done. Switch to a rival (Sainsburys in my case) and stop putting money into Tesco.
  • TimB
    In fairness to them, the ad was originally accurate. They only introduced the cap after us lot figured out we could make a tidy profit from the policy.
  • Bazinga
    Is this deja vu?
  • Bastard
    Lovable "rouges"? You'll have red cheeks about that one BW!
  • Sicknote
    Ha ha, people complaining about Tesco and still shopping with them makes me laugh. Tesco are out for your cash and short of mugging you they'll do anything to get it. Shop locally and save the traditional high street; I put my very limited money where my beliefs are and although spending slightly more sleep much better at night.
  • yak
    i don't really get it, i like pork chops and often use toilet paper, tesco sell pork chops and toilet paper for what i find to be a reasonable price, and at a time when im not at work. Never really understood all the hate and vitriol towards them, as sicknote says if you don't like them dont shop there. Having said that, bought some sour cream from there recently, went to use it the next day and it was out of date… bastards
  • tin
    Except that they don't sell pork chops at a reasonable price. Their meat is priced similar to any given local butcher, but is universally of worse quality, because they (and the other supermarkets) have forced most of the local butchers out of business. Bog roll I can't disagree with, although that's only shit quality paper and is overpriced everywhere. And if you want to take your sour cream back, they'll make it difficult for you cos the one person on the "customer service" desk now also runs the lottery, the ciggy kiosk and 4 of the self service tills. Co-incidently this is so they can open a new shiny store bleating about job creation but they employ fewer people then your local (multiple) butchers+newsagent+greengrocer+baker+music store+electrical retailer used to. Plus returning to the point of the article, if they were genuinely interested in being the cheapest, they would just be the cheapest. No vouchers, no people maintaining the voucher system, no cap required, just the knowledge that you could not have bought what you just bought elsewhere. And they would apply it to own-brand stuff where the stuff is roughly comparable.

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