Tesco axes Clubcard Boost events - May will be the last one

Clubcard end

If you've been enjoying Tesco's Clubcard Boost events, where you can double the value of your points and the like - bad news - the last one is imminent, as the supermarket are scrapping the scheme.

The last boost will be held from 16th May until 26th June, so don't dither.

The idea is to make these schemes easier to understand, and to make Clubcard points simpler.

Clubcard Boost events have given the opportunity to swap points online or in stores, in multiples of £5 for £10 vouchers which you can spend in specific departments.

However, over on their website, they've said that these events will be axed after they'd heard customers requests to make the whole Clubcard system easier to digest. Tesco said that they recognise that the scheme 'needs to be simpler to understand and easier to use'.

Instead of sporadic boosts, now, savings will be offered throughout the year.

They say: "Ending Boost at Tesco means that we can focus on a simpler approach that's appealing to everyone and which customers can benefit from when they want, not just at certain times of the year."

"In the coming months, we'll be doing more to help you get the most out of the scheme, such as double points events to help grow your points balance faster and improving our Boost Partners offer, where you can already get up to four times the value of your vouchers."

All the information you need about this, can be found over at Tesco, here.

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