Tesco asks their managers to be nicer

smiley-face Tesco have asked their management to be more polite when dealing with their customers, in a bid to show everyone that they really care. Of course, it'd be common decency to be polite to other humans on a daily basis, but Tesco clearly feel the need to remind their own staff.

Speaking at the incredibly exciting Retail Week Live conference, UK and Ireland chief executive Matt Davies said that the supermarket had been stressing the need for basic manners in staff workshops, and that their senior management should lead by example.

He said: "It is about celebrating success and the power of appreciation. There is power in saying thank you and of spotting somebody doing a job well and appreciating that. This is not about a training programme but developing a culture of appreciating one another."

"I don’t think that warmth is apparent from the outside and part of our challenge is how we demonstrate how much we really care to the nation," he added.

Politeness is just one of the things that Tesco are trying to improve - the company reported a £6.4bn loss in April last year, which is an eye-watering amount of money.

While some supermarkets are showing an upward trend, most notably Sainsbury's who posted their first positive results in years, Tesco have noted that things are still incredibly difficult.

Davies added: "Is it getting any easier? No, not really - it’s still a tough market and being hard-fought right across the UK." At least the staff will be really cheerful while the profits go down.

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  • Adam
    I had the misfortune to work for Tesco in the 1990s and their managers were the most unpleasant bunch of wankers i've ever met. I still try to avoid shopping there whenever possible because of this.

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