Tesco and their creative use of the English language

Despite Tesco having a huge list of bad-doings, this is probably the worst thing they've ever done.

tesco error



  • Wongaporkpies
    Every Comma helps
  • speaking e.
    @Wongaporkpies you are joking - right?
  • whatever
    Non story. New's is short for newspapers and mag's is short for magazines, so the apostrophes are correct.
  • Wonkey H.
    who in their right mind uses new's for as short for newspapers?
  • Wonkey H.
  • Wonkey H.
    I'll get me coat.
  • isabel
    wonkey henry, i think you mean "bollock's"
  • Foxes
    @whatever it's not correct usage - apostrophes can't be used for any old shortened words. A key rule to remember is if it looks like it was written by an illiterate knob then it's probably poor English
  • CJL
    Apostrophes are used to denote that something belongs to something or someone, i.e. the year's events (the events of a year, not to be confused with the years' events, being the events of more than one year) - Susan's ball, the wind's force, etc - the Tesco use in the picture is totally wrong grammatically!
  • Cheesey
    Fuck the apostrophes' ' ' ' ' I'm more worried about the tabloid filth next to my morning pastries'. <--- note additional apostrophe to piss off some Bitter Wallet/HUKD Grammar Polis.
  • Avon B.
    I'm calling bullshit.
  • Grammar N.
    Apostrophes don't just denote ownership, they denote whena word has been shortened. E.g.: don't = do not new's = newspapers While not a common usage of the apostrophe, it's grammatically correct.
  • Russ
    I think Tesco are a bunch of cunt's for butchering the English language
  • Foxes
    @Grammar Nazi is incorrect usage in this case. Newsp'rs or Mag'ines might be okay but look silly. Introducing ambiguity by having an apostrophe to denote abbreviation before an ending "s" is a way to look like an illiterate knob.
  • me
    Another shitty article by Moff!
  • maxtweenie
    @Grammar Nazi, so are you saying all those cunts at the market who advertise potato's are correct because they've shortened the word by leaving the 'e' out? I've never heard such a load of bollo'ks in my f'ing life.
  • HighandMighty
    Using foul language only proves that those using it don't have the education to put up a good argument.
  • foxes
    Educated people have as much right to use foul language as anyone else.
  • foxes
    ...as long as it's generally punctuated correctly :)
  • foxes
    my arse is sore.
  • Foxes
    No it isn't and that last post wasn't by me!
  • Whatever
    I can't believe I'm commenting on this but seriously - you lot need a life - the grammar is fine, they have about a metre to spell out why they need to and you pedantic plumb suckers need to lighten up - I feel sorry for you I really do. Remember this in a few years time when tesco lend you money against your soul at a counter branded "sell ya soul". To think Hitler went for Jews and left you miserable gits alone! I can see a whole group of you bullied at school, billy no mates low life's loosing sleep over this!
  • Foxes
    The grammar is not fine. Communicating effectively is important. Do you think people with brains need to be bullied? We have a generally illiterate under-skilled workforce and a shortage of work. The two are connected. By the way, both "Billy" and "Tesco" require initial capital letters and you need to use your apostrophes in the right places.
  • Rotherhithe
    @Whatever. Why are you lecturing people to get a life when you obviously don't have one?
  • Really
    @Whatever: it's " low lifes", not "low life's".
  • Really
    Which I thought was quite ironic really.
  • SB
    I can go buy a Mag.. I cant go buy a New.. its clearly fucked.
  • Bob J.
    @Grammar Nazi "...denote when a word has been shortened? E.g.: don’t = do not" Notice that your example is two words conjoined rather than one word shortened. It's called a contraction. The devil's in the detail.
  • foxes
    No really, my arse is sore. Some pissed up git in a uniform stuck his winky up it.
  • Fake B.
    @Grammar Nazi If we are being pedants (and we are), your use of the term "grammatically correct" is, erm, incorrect. For something to be grammatical, it must be correct in the first place, making the word 'correct' (or 'incorrect') redundant. Nazi.
  • Foxes
    Can whoever is pretending to be me stop it. I am completely fine!
  • Foxes
    Except for my arse that is.
  • Foxes
    'Cos that's a bit sore. You know, what with the winky episode and all.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    You seem to all be missing the fact that this is clearly photoshopped! Compare the N to the M. They're not even at the same angle!
  • NewspapersGiveYouCancer
    Having studied this picture now for over 127 hours straight, I have come to the conclusion that no magazines or mag's exist anywhere on that shelf. Burn the sign and replace it with the obivious one word alternative - CANCER
  • Rob
    I think they had enough room to write 'Newspapers &' on the top line and 'Magazines' below it. But that would have needed more letters and cost more. Newspapers & Magazines
  • calamity_h
    Just noticed a nice new big sign outside my local Tesco today advertising "CD's & DVD's" in 3 feet high letters - their Marketing Department is seriously under-skilled and bumping up their signage costs, they could have saved themselves the cost of two apostrophes - every little helps.

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