Tesco and Sainsbury's in Price Promise bust up

In further bad mood business news, Sainsbury’s is going to take Tesco to court over their recent price comparison row. Oh my God, what do you mean, you don’t know about it – do you live under a rock?

tesco vs sainsbury

What happened, right *chews gum* is that Sainsbury’s have requested a judicial review against the ASA’s rejection of their complaint against Tesco’s price promise ad campaign.

SO... *twizzles hair around finger* Sainsbury’s doesn’t think that the price comparisons in the Tesco Price Promise are fair, right? I mean, for example they’re comparing Tesco Everyday Value tea to Sainsbury’s basic tea, when EVERYONE KNOWS that Sainsbury’s is Fairtrade. Also, Sainsbury’s Basics water comes from a spring in Yorkshire and Tesco’s water is from the tap! Duh!

BUT, the ASA says that Tesco stuck to rules because although the goods weren’t the same they were fulfilling the same needs. And I mean, Sainsbury’s are raging.

My mate Leanne overheard Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s commercial director saying:

‘More than ever, customers want to let their values guide them and in price-matching its products with ours, Tesco is - when it sees fit - choosing to ignore factors such as ethical or provenance certification or even country of origin.'

Also, someone told me that Tesco said that Sainsbury’s was ginger, but she’s not, she’s BURNT AUBURN.


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  • oz
    Picture fail................ I think you need an updated chief exec pic. Who would want to suggest bitterwallet is years out of date, heavens forbid. New boss but still a nasty company to deal with, I know one of their big logistics partners and (good) staff had to be moved cause they could not stand working with them.

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