Tesco and Coca-Cola at war! Kinda...

coke-500ml-x-24-gb Tesco are falling out with Coca-Cola over, you guessed it, money! And now, the retailer is pulling some of their products from the shelves. You'll notice that we said 'some'.

The supermarket has pulled Schweppes products after Coke said that they wanted Tesco to put prices up. Now, Tesco know they sell a load of Coca-Cola, but are throwing a wobbler by removing all the mixers and tonics from their shops.

So if you want Schweppes tonic for your gin, or some ginger in your rum, Tesco might be a bit barren for the time being. Tesco told Coke that falling commodity prices mean they should be able to pass the savings on, but Coca-Cola want an increase.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: "Due to a supply issue, we have had to temporarily adjust some of our soft drinks ranges. We continue to work in close collaboration with our suppliers, to provide our customers with the best products, the greatest value and fantastic availability."

Stocks started to run low around a fortnight ago, which of course, saw some people on the internet complaining about it.


Having been down the Tesco recently, we wonder if there's a similar squabble going on with Heinz too, because we've noticed a lack of certain tins on the shelves recently.

Anyway, there you have it. There's a row going down and... well... you can just buy some own-brand stuff or go to another shop if you're that pernickety.


  • Han S.
    Good for Tesco
  • Euan
    Coca-cola have a fecking cheek, considering their recent "bottle relaunch" which changed them from standard two litre bottles to 1.5 litre bottles... without any obvious parallel drop in price at the time!
  • Peter T.
    Schweppes tonic is overpriced and tastes awful anyway. It's no loss to anyone that Tesco aren't stocking it.

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