Tesco admits it has an image problem

tesco-extra Tesco, as we all know, are pretty roundly loathed, but not hated so much that no-one shops there.

And Tesco's chief executive Philip Clarke has noticed, admitting that the supermarket giant has something of an image problem. In a bid to fix it, Clarke reckons that they need to get to grips with the notion that bigger is no longer better.

This comes on the back of Kantar Worldpanel's findings that Tesco’s market share is at the lowest point it has been for a decade, something that Tesco refute.

Speaking at the Retail Week Live conference in London (imagine Woodstock, but for people in ties they got from Next) Clarke said: "This isn't about market share in the short or medium term. The industry is going through the most profound change at the moment."

"Retail has got an image problem. I'm proud to be a retailer, yet we've got to accept that bigger is no longer seen as better. It’s not about how big you are it’s about how good you are. We need to open up our businesses."

Retailers need to cotton on to the fact that, even if you stick a load of breathy singing and ukuleles in your adverts, it really doesn't soften your image at all and, if you want to win people over, it is more valuable to offer good deals and good service. In Tesco's case, they might want to stop chasing every small business out of town as well.


  • pamela s.
    I think better service and stock availability would help. [i am loyal tesco customer]. You should avoid discontinuing or changing products that are popular,it creates unhappy customers,that will try other supermarkets and high risk of losing trade. Good service and consistency!
  • James E.
    I just find not only that the produce in tescos is poor quality it is also more expensive than other super markets. So fix this and I may shop there.
  • jim
    Last three shops at Tesco +Overcharged by store but had to travel to the exact store I was overcharged to get my mom ey back (and get in a fight over it) + Online order with >30% missing yet declared as delivered. Partly my fault but I did get everything dumped on my doorstep and they drove off + couldn't get a receipt for petrol I can kind of understand that occasionally people make mistakes but it seems like with Tesco the mistake is giving them your business. First thing any supermarket can do is ban all the price tricks like 1x4 being cheaper than 4x1, the dodgy BOGOFs and the overpriced "specials".

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