Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's year that was... numbers 4 and 3...

Sure, it’s 2010 now but there’s no reason why we can’t still party like it’s 2009. That’s what we’re up to for the next couple of minutes as our countdown of the most viewed Bitterwallet stories of the past year stumbles towards its ugly climax.

Where in the world? PC World! Oh. 4: Breaking news: DSGi emergency meetings, store restructuring

Has there ever been a more exciting headline in the history of word-writing? Possibly not. This one harks back to January 2009, a time when PC World and Currys staff were living in fear of store closures and redundancies.

A DSGi insider tipped us off about some top secret meetings among the top brass at the company and Bitterwallet went into meltdown as PC World and Currys staff used this place as an impromptu forum. Do the stores still exist these days? We should know, but to be completely honest, we haven’t got a clue.

See – we’re not just all about swearing and showing you pictures of funny signage.

fake-subway-advisory-14676-1239998400-23: Brutal honesty on the NY subway

Fucking hell – this was a corker as well! Supposedly a customer sign on the New York subway although we suspect that pranksters may have been at play with this one.

We’re confused though, because surely watching rodents on the track is bonus entertainment – the Pet Shop Boys got an entire video out of it in 2003!

Come back tomorrow to find out the top two of 2009 and check out the rest of the chart here

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