Tell us who the Best Company of 2010 was now please

best companyNow that the noise and fury of our Worst Company In Britain 2010 contest has abated, we’re in a softer, groovier state of mind around here, threading daisies in each others’ hair and ruminating on things positive rather than negative.

That’s why we’re now asking you lot to look into your hearts and tell us who the BEST company of the past year has been. Obviously it’ll be a smaller affair, given that most companies are, by definition, utter shit but it’ll be nice to be nice.

We’ll close the nominating after the weekend and you can throw the name of any company that operates in the UK into the comments box below or by shouting it at us on Twitter.


  • zeddy
    Amazon or TopCashBack for me.
  • Idi A.
    John Lewis, or I trow you to de crocodillys.
  • heywood j.
    John Lewis :)
  • Mr M.
  • WBRacing
    Amazon, no contest imho.
  • akiss
    Ive found amazon to be extremely slow at sending stuff. I placed loads of orders and they don't even get sent for 4 days despite it "dispatching soon" within 30mins of ordering-so soon = 4days does it amazon?. Even buying crap on ebay from random sellers ive had delivery next day or 2 days via royal mail. If these guys can do it???
  • klingelton
    first choice again is amazon - as per last year. I do all my online shopping there and everything that comes is as described. also, controversial one - Virgin media. I've had some trouble with my internets this year and they've done everything to diffuse the situation. they've sent out an engineer twice to sort out my issues, and although it was my own action that solved the problem (and created it in the first place) they applied no extra charges. their tv service is much better than it used to be and the box rarely crashes (if at all). love film. excellent company, excellent business model, excellent service. a pleasure to be a customer of theirs. Sony - with respect to their ps3 product - such an excellent system for media, games and bluray. I'm convinced i made the right choice when buying this.
  • Steff
  • The B.
    John Lewis until Amazon stop using Shittylink.
  • nhh
  • NT
    Amazon used to get my vote, until they started using the fools at HDNL/Yodel. I much prefer e-tailers who send through Royal Mail or shop online with the likes of John Lewis/HoF where you can pick up from the store rather than having your package going missing/having to do a 3 hour return trip to the HDNL depot.
  • Andrew
    Amazon Ocado John Lewis Scan
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patels. Tennetts Super now £5 for 4.
  • Martin
    Amazon (though I hope they will stop using Yodel/HDNL) Quidco and Tesco (not for their stores, but for their customer service - both stores and TescoMobile - which is usually pretty good and better than most) and of course my local Mr Patel (who runs the newsagents); he doesn't sell beer though.
  • Gary
    First Direct, as usual. Followed by, then Amazon.
  • JaffaCake
    TopCashback John Lewis Co-Op Nationwide Marks and Spencer
  • Mark C.
    One I forgot to post yesterday - Nationwide - their customer service is brilliant. They've sorted out a couple of card fraud problems with no hassle at all this year (in one case getting me a new card in record time), and when I complained about their plan to force people to use those annoying chip and pin calculators to log in to online banking (which I note they still haven't implemented), someone senior phoned me up directly to discuss my concerns without my having demanded a call.
  • Stephen
    I'd say GreyhoundUK - more comfortable than national express/megabus/train, free wifi, and often as not £1 a journey. Amazon 2nd choice though.
  • Mr P.
    @ Jocky Who's a cunt now, eh?
  • blagga
    Smile bank.
  • Sim B.
    Amazon John Lewis Scan
  • Jocky W.
    @Mr Patel. You're still a cunt, just a cunt that sells cheap Tennetts Super.
  • Ben
    Has to be pets at home with there no questions refund policy
  • Richard M.
    Co-op/Smile Bank (excellent customer service) Amazon (the perfect online shopping experience) (excellent customer service & refund policy) Nespresso Coffee Club (lovely coffee and great online/telephone customer ordering system)
  • Uncle v.
    amazons website is a pile of crap, you search for tvs and get bikes, you search for bikes and get dildos.
  • zeddy
    @Uncle Darth vader: bikes, dildos. They'll still take you for a ride, you helmet head.
  • Car B.
    Quidco John Lewis 7dayshop Not sure about Amazon although their refund procedure is good. There should be a worse company too. Marshall Ward takes some beating. If you order from their website be prepared for a world of pain is anything goes wrong.
  • Uncle v.
    "their refund procedure is good. " Unless its been more than 30 days, in which case amazon dont want to know. Even if its faulty...someone tell amazon about 12months warranty?
  • craig
    CITY LINK MICROSOFT and ebuyer ive had fantastic service from all 3 last year
  • craig
    oh and a honourable mention for richer sounds fantasticly helpfull and try to find what suits you rather than what fills there coffers
  • nkik
  • amin
    Amazon definitely for me
  • amin
    And let's not forget Graze and their great customer service
  • amin
    And Graze
  • Mike K.
    Apart from John Lewis/Waitrose and First Direct, I would nominate O2 Broadband.

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