Tell us what is Britain's Most Pointless Product

flossy_shoes_2_e1308570467631 Last week we gently picked your beautiful brains, asking you who your ‘never again’ company was – the store, business or organisation that had riled you once too often and forced you to impose a ban on them. Your responses were wild, wacky and wonderful and made us love you all even more than we already did.

We’ve got a similar question for you today? Tell us the one product that narks you more than any other and together we’ll come up with a collection of retail rejects, leading to one of them being crowned Britain’s Most Pointless Product.

Round here, we’re particularly unimpressed with Flossys (pictured), the shoes that are worse than Robert Mugabe and Sure Men deodorant, with its seemingly pointless ‘locking switch’.

Come on then – what’s the one thing that should be swept away from Britain’s shop shelves and cast into a burning pit? TELL US!


  • Jack
  • Mark
    Every version of Windows that Microsoft has released.
  • Marky M.
    That handwash dispenser thing with a motion-sensitive pump. Unnecessary.
  • bindy b.
    every apple device ever made
  • sparky
    current government
  • Norfolk C.
    B&Q sell a variety of "paint tin opener". Good lord man, what on earth happened to using an old screwdriver or special thin bit of wood. Multipurpose tools those two - can be used to open the tin and stir the paint.
  • sparky
    Disagree on every apple product, even if you dont like their products, they have managed to push technology in that area and made a lot of other companies up their game. Besides, ok a lot of the Apple designs came from Britain but are they really an Apple product?
  • samuri
    bitter wallet
  • Me
    Bitterwallet blog?
  • vibeone
    Mike Hock's mother here, just using VB1's internet after a heavy session. I'd say any dildo without the anal attachment is utterly useless. Many Thanks, Linda.
  • Mike H.
    Not sure what 'product' but the most pointless 'tool' is vibeone.
  • Sicknote
    Internet porn; fucking useless if you ask me. Not nearly enough young boy photos. Regards The Pope AKA. Leader of the Catholic Mafia
  • Jack T.
    The Guardian newspaper.
  • vibeone
    Mike's mum, that's all I've got sorry.
  • Just i.
    Him and he will fap over something else
  • vibeone
    I fap over your mum every night Just ignore.
  • vibeone
    ^ All fakes apart from the comment starting "Mike Hock's mum here" - that one was me. kinda funny that the fake has had Mike's mum as well though.
  • vibeone
    PS: Mike, your mum loves my tool. #jusayin
  • vibeone
    youre mum fake vibeone i bet that,s mike above^^
  • vibeone
    Faker, you are getting worse - try harder! (like Mike's mum said)
  • vibeone
    ^ fake 'n' gaier like mikes mum said to me
  • vibeone
    That's Mike again above, you're getting really bad, like your mum said to me.
  • Chewbacca
    BW, you need to do something about all these trolls in the comments. You can only read so many comments about foxes and "your mum" before it all gets a bit....yawn. Although, if banned, I suspect your readership may drop by around 75%.
  • vibeone
    What troll comments?
  • Darren
    @Chewbacca.. I think that is more 95% IPhone 4s & Bitterwallet blog.
  • Spencer
    Could we have a separate forum for Mike and vibe? It's really boring....
  • Stan L.
    Ronco Fuzz Away.
  • Dick
    Sunglasses for dogs.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Any product with a JVC logo on it
  • Boris
  • Dogturd A.
    Foxes Glacier Mints. Clearly does not contain two of the named ingredients.
  • Avon B.
    Second that about Mike and Vibeone. I just skip past anything with their names on, they're so repetitive and dull.
  • Monkeytennis
    Any product conceived and designed by anyone who has been on The Apprentice. Ever.
  • heywood_jablome
    Thirty-Two Node Hexahedronal Element Subroutines :(
  • Rob
    Carrot cake. A cake made out of carrots.
  • Clunge
    I second that dettol auto hand wash thingy - you're gonna wash your hands anyway. Also, cats. What's the point of them? I've got 2 here and literally can't even give them away.
  • Mike H.
    "Could we have a separate forum for Mike and vibe? It’s really boring…." You see vibey they put me first, you second! I win!
  • Wongaporkpies
    Washing machines last longer with Calgon, so asked my other half to swallow one and she died. False advertising :p
  • PaganWolf
    Honestly, no-one has mentioned Crocs, or Uggs?
  • vibeone
    @Mike - It was ordered alphabetically. How's your mum?
  • ExCrement
  • BackOnTopic
    Undoubtedly the hands-free soap dispenser. The fact that the manufacturers and the unintelligent who purchase it don't seem to have realised that the only time you touch any soap dispenser is just BEFORE you wash your hands with soap, is laughable.
  • Abu H.
    @BackOnTopic I've got no fucking hands so how am I supposed to operate a normal soap dispencer eh? It's attitudes to disability like yours that turned me against the West in the first place. Thanks to Cussons I was about to change my ways, but not now you thoughtless prick. I'll never get this blood off my hooks.
  • Miss B.
    Uggs Crocs Ipads Oversized headphones Motorised scooters for old people ( Why help them drive recklessly on the pavement they already do that on the fecking roads!???) ANYTHING linked in with " Geek Chic" Ipads ( again ) Keyrings that light up when you whistle so you can supposedly find your car keys ( What if they are down the back of the fecking sofa?! Im sure ill be back with more later
  • Two B.
    And it goes to moderation...
  • Jay
    Those two pronged plugs that you get on electric shavers. Absolutely fucking pointless, you always have to use an adaptor and plug it in, in the kitchen.
  • Sicknote
    Ugg boots on you even know how many people want to stab you in the face...?
  • That '.
    TV Licence Road Tax VAT And any other unjustifiable or blatantly unbalanced tax oh... and caramel wagon wheels - they are fucking sick ! (not in the cool street slang way either)
  • LD
    Gary Lineker and team. Over £60m a year - so greater than £1m/week - for the rights for Premiership 'highlights'. Plus all their excessive salaries of course. Lineker £2m+ per annum, plus £15k travel expenses.
  • lee
    id say this website - i hope people arent paying you lot to write these columns, some of the worst grammer ive seen in a long time. also those chicken tikka lasagne arent bad at all, worth a quid anyway. so yeah bitterwallet - why this is linked to hukd im not sure.

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