Take a butchers at all them mouse droppings, Jamie

Barbecoa, the exclusive butcher’s shop owned by Jamie Oliver, was closed after a hygiene inspection found mouse droppings, mould and manky out of date carcasses.


In a blow to Jamie’s empire not seen since I went to the York branch of Jamie’s Italian and had some disappointing pasta, food inspectors rated the fancy charcuterie ONE out of five, with the comment ‘Major improvement necessary.’

It’s one of only 19 food outlets in London that have won the prestigious ‘A Hazardous’ rating from the Food Standards Agency – and when you add up all the many pestilent branches of Chicken Cottage in the capital, it makes you think, don’t it?

This happened in January, when the shop was forced to close for 24 hours to address the problems. And we’re only just finding out about it after a Freedom of Information request into the extent of the issues.

The Food Standards Agency found that it had dirty fridge handles, not enough washing facilities for staff, bad lighting, manky floor coverings and lots and lots of delicious mouse droppings.

But some of the inspector’s findings were a misunderstanding of Jamie’s food preparation techniques. In the Barbecoa restaurant upstairs, where mouldy beef is onsale for around £100 a pop, the menu boasts that meat is dry-aged for 70 days, and that the hung carcasses develop mould that's safe to eat. (Mmmmm!)

A spokesperson for Jamie’s Food Corp said:

‘Following the environmental health inspection in January we took the immediate decision to voluntarily close the butchery for several hours in order to urgently address the issues raised. We reopened within 24 hours and officers noted that the improvements had been made.’

Still, mouse shite. Eww.


  • Big M.
    They also found Jamie's tongue was too fat; Jamie was too fat and, overall, too much of a cunt in general.
  • zeddy
    You do know that pest eradication in London isn't really possible. All you can do is control the numbers (to a degree). Consider that in a major conurbation, you are never more than a few feet away from a rodent.

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