Sweets to be banned from checkouts?

sweetsAccording to a minister at the Department of Health, retailers have a "responsibility" to help people eat healthily and their cynical shop layouts create problems for parents of young children.

Anna Soubry MP has revealed plans for a new industry code of practice in which stores will be encouraged to stop forcing customers past rows of unhealthy foods, limit or remove promotional deals on fatty products and to spend a fixed amount of their marketing budgets on lower-calorie options.

Miss Soubry told the Daily Mail: "Supermarket checkouts and newsagents can be really tough for parents with their young children. While we all need to take responsibility for our own health and that of our children, things are not helped when tempting treats are put on show when you stand in line waiting to pay.”

All major supermarkets have already agreed to try to stamp out trans fats from their products with the majority also committed to reducing salt in certain categories of food including bread and soups.

The proposed plans will, so far, remain voluntary ‘responsibility deals’ with retailers rather than  ‘nanny state’ measures enforced by law. However, we think it might just be easier, and save politicians an awful lot of their valuable time if parents learned this stock phrase:



  • Zeddy
    This issue comes up every few years and nothing changes.
  • Zeddy
    Just tell your children, "NO". Life is all about lessons.
  • klingelton
    ffs. good parenting is better than government legislation.
  • barry f.
    Sweets have been around for years and years, food is far healthier today than it was ten years ago. Lets have plain packaging for everything that is not fucking wheatgerm or bran and have them all behind big fecking sliding doors. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with this goverment and world??? Sort out the real fucking problems and not the positioning of a fucking bounty bar!....you cunts
  • Sporky M.
    Where do you like to position your Bounty Bar, Barry? I'll bet you're a dark fan too.
  • barry f.
    @Sporky McMuffin As long as they are room temperature and point east im happy, also why bring racism into it? You cunt!
  • fibbingarchie
    According to Me at the Department of Personal Responsibility & Common Fucking Sense, MPs have a “responsibility” to stop wasting my hard earned tax money on shite like this! Agree with barry fishlick too.
  • zeddy
    In what way was Sporky McMuffin's comment racialist? barry has some anger management issues by the looks of it.
  • Mr. P.
    I want chicken I want liver meow mix meow mix please deliver
  • Kevin
    I love the cut out and keep :) I would like to know how much of their sales come from those cash point sales. Mind you in my local WH Smiths they have got rid of most of the tills and have self-service ones so it's easier to ignore sales.
  • Dougal1709
    Robert Dyas do the same sort of thing. I go in to buy something like some limescale remover and while waiting to pay I end up picking up and buying all manner of mini ratchet screwdrivers and torch headsets that they have by the tills. The massive shits!
  • Jasminehatesnewbarnet
    By banning them it only makes them seem more tempting for children. And saying no can make kids cry and scream for sweets, and then parents are seen as bad for their noisy kids. I can forsee a dystopian future where sweets are like drugs, and sweet barons are running huge cartels ferrying sweets hidden in huge sacks of all bran. The black market sells dark chocolate costing 100 quid a bar and eating a sweet in public carries a 1000 quid fine.

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