Suppliers too scared to complain about supermarkets

supermarket_sweep_b According to a watchdog, up to 1-in-5 of suppliers to the biggest supermarkets in the UK, are too scared to complain about late payments, money disputes and high charges for packaging, because they think there'll be retribution from those they provide to.

This is coupled with a spike in poor treatment to suppliers, and a high level of disputes.

The Groceries Code Adjudicator carried out a poll of 1,000 suppliers, to look at the treatment they're facing from supermarkets, and to find out whether or not there had been improvements since they were set up two years ago.

The survey found that, in the past year alone, 70% of suppliers felt they'd been treated in ways that breach the industry's new code by the UK's ten biggest retailers. 18% of those said they would not be willing to raise complaints to the regulator. Some felt that this was 'normal' behaviour, while others stated that they felt the GCA wouldn't do anything.

Adjudicator Christine Tacon said: "We still have some way to go in important areas but this is a clear sign we are on the right track. Suppliers are more aware of the GCA and its work and fewer now believe the GCA will not be able to do anything if they bring an issue to me."

So who are the worst offenders, according to suppliers? 35% said that Iceland rarely or never complied with the code, while 32% said the same of Tesco and Morrisons. 22% said the same of Co-op, 16% of Asda, 15% of Lidl, 12% of M&S and Sainsbury's, 11% of Waitrose and 5% of Aldi.

Notice how those who appear to be treating their suppliers the best, are the ones performing the strongest with consumers?

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