Supermarkets may charge more if Scotland goes independent

A typical Scottish family, yesterday
A typical Scottish family, yesterday

It seems some of the biggest supermarkets don't like the idea of Scotland going independent and are threatening to put their prices up North of the Border.

The chief exec of Asda, one of the retailers saying they'll be putting their prices up, added that an independent Scotland may well be a less attractive place to invest, even though the Scottish government said that they'd lower taxes to make the country more competitive.

"The cost of doing business in different parts of the country does vary," said Andy Clarke, the chief executive of Asda and they've have higher distribution costs in Scotland, on top of cost to a public health levy on shops that sell booze and cigs. "A 'Yes' vote in 2014 could result in Scotland being a less attractive investment proposition for business and put further pressure on our costs," he said.

A spokesman for Morrisons, also thinking of sticking their prices up, said: "Why should customers in Cardiff subsidise those in Aberdeen?"

Tesco and Sainsbury's are currently saying "no comment", but the Financial Times reckon that one of the Big Four have already agreed to put prices up in Scotland.

The Scottish National Party are already planning to cut corporation tax and fuel duty, in a bid to keep retailers costs down and a spokesperson told the BBC: "Scotland would be more competitive and less costly than at present. There is no reason why retail prices in an independent Scotland would be any higher than at the moment."

Energy companies are clearly getting good at swaying government opinions, persuading Cameron to look at green levies in exchange for cheaper bills for all - are the supermarkets publicly trying their luck too?


  • jim
    Shut up! They'll never vote for independence at this rate!
  • jimbob
    Good! They can fuck off and give the local shops a chance!!
  • Chewbacca
    No. Going. To. Happen. The fucking morons.
  • Jock T.
    They can all fuck off! I'll be buying from my local/regional retailers who support Scotland not some Toff-Tory bastard.
  • wonka
    So English prices should go down then as we won't have to subsidise them anymore?
  • Gordon B.
    It's common sense that delivering to remote places is Scotland costs more than most of the UK. At the moment the cost is negligible when spread amongst eveyone ... when it's spread across just those in Scotland then of course it will increase. The Royal Mail is rejoicing that it may no longer need to deliver to some small island for 60p a letter. An independent Scotland is screwed and everyone knows it. Let's hope they vote for independence so we can be free of the leeches.
  • zeddy
    Haters gonna hate.
  • Euan
    There's a linked article from Robert Peston on the BBC's website which goes some way to explaining why costs might go up in an independent Scotland. The logic seems pretty solid.
  • Touchwood
    These muppets will stop at nothing to dissuade the Scots from independence.
  • Kevin
    ' There is no reason why retail prices in an independent Scotland would be any higher than at the moment.' So theres also no reason why they won't!
  • Xeno
    Don't hate the Scots, like many just sick of their moaning. Either go or shut the fuck up.
  • Phuck Y.
    The Crankies, the police need to look there FFS. A dude dressing his wife up as a fucking school boy WTF?

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