Supermarket wine offers are baloney

4 November 2013

Selecting a bottle of wine usually goes something like this. Your weary eye scans the shelves for a label that says’ ‘half price’ or ‘Don Diarrhoea table wine- £2.99’ and you plonk 5 bottles of it in your trolley.

wine shelves

But beware, because someone has actually researched supermarket wine offers and has confirmed what we all secretly thought was the case – original prices are being inflated before an offer and then slashed to make you think you’re getting an amazing bargain. And yo-yo pricing is so extreme that you can buy a bottle of plonk from one supermarket that’s cheaper than the one on offer in another supermarket.

mySupermarket have been delving into wine offers and found that some wines are only full price for a short period of time. Take Ogio Pinot Grigio, the wine of choice for frazzled middle aged women looking to blot out their menopausal misery. It’s on ‘offer’ at Tesco for £5.49, but has only ever been full price of £10.99 for 63 days of the year. Some wines are only full price for 2 weeks in the year, making it all very misleading.

Former Sainsbury’s wine buyer Alan Cheeseman (who would go very well with a robust Chianti) said prices were ‘blatantly manufactured’ and added:

You will see a Mondelli or an Ogio on sale for a very high price for a period of time, then discounted massively. The problem is that as a nation we have become promotion junkies.’

So what, Cheeseandwineman? Of course we’re promotion junkies! Who can afford a £10.99 bottle of wine on a weeknight? You know what? If I wasn’t so drunk, I would fight both of you.


  • StuPid
    Watchdog covered this exact story 4 weeks ago (sorry it's not a hyperlink)
  • StuPid
    Oh - it was. Sorry for jumping the gun
    Wow, who knew?
  • Her L.
    Most consumers really don't care if it's good wine or not and are happy as long as it's palatable and under £7 a bottle. I'd share a bottle of Pinot Gris with you any day Lucy, just don't forget the £3.50.
  • Dick
    Shit, who would have known. I hope they do a survey on whether sofa prices are manufactured too.
  • Issac
    IMO, mySupermarket should sort their own business model out before they go shit on someone elses. AWOL customer service, cashback that never gets paid and T&Cs that er, ...evolve, faster than your can F5. pfff.
  • Hayley D.
    I wondered why Ogio always seems to be on offer! :) Hardys always seems to be on offer too. I must admit I never buy a bottle of wine over a fiver. Love this - "Alan Cheeseman (who would go very well with a robust Chianti)" ha ha! :)
  • hotmail r.
    @Hayley, You're on the wrong website! I don't know how people keep getting it wrong... Get back to woman's own!
  • Anastasia
    I suspected this was the case, but it's nice to have the confirmation. That Ogio bottle mentioned is actually my favourite! I'll keep buying it though, because it's a fiver and delicious.

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