Supermarket deals on junk, not health

Supermarket deals on junk

The supermarkets of the UK have been heavily criticised for failing to run price promotions on healthy food, instead, cutting the price of sugary junk food and the like.

Which!!! found that supermarkets had more promotions on less healthy food and drink, and are now asking businesses to fight obesity.

After looking at their figures and crunching the data from mySupermarket, Which!!! studied the number of promotions at the big supermarkets between April and June 2016.

Delving into the 77,165 promotions (where you can see the nutritional data that is available), the consumer watchdog found that 53% were on less healthy foods, when compared to healthier products (that'd be the remaining 47%, there).

They also found that over half (52%) of confectionery was on offer, compared to around a third of fresh fruit and vegetables (respectively, 30% and 34%).

Of course, with consumers feeling like healthier food is too expensive to buy, you can see that there might be a point in all this.

Alex Neill, Which!!! Director of Campaigns and Policy, said: "Everybody has to play their part in the fight against obesity and people want supermarkets to offer more promotions on healthier foods and yet our research found the opposite."

"It's time for supermarkets to shift the balance of products they include in price promotions and for all retailers to get rid of temptation at the till by taking sweets off the checkout."

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