Superdrug finally get round to taking on the Boots Advantage Card

superdrug It seems that Superdrug have taken a long, hard look at Boots and their Advantage Card (a long, hard look that may have lasted for many years) and have decided that they’re ready to launch a rival scheme.

The Beauty Card, which will immediately alienate male customers by doubling as a handbag compact mirror, will hit the streets on May 11th and will offer shoppers one point for every £1 they spend, but as a launch offer, you’ll be able to get 10 points per pound spent online until June 7th.

Boots have 16 million active Advantage Card customers and offer four points per pound spent, so on the face of it, it’s tricky to see how the Beauty Card will lead to a mass shopper exodus in the direction of Superdrug.

Superdrug’s Steve Jebson says: “We’re confident our customers will be able to earn more points overall as we will run special deals and promotions on their favourite brands and on our special offers. We want people to change their behaviour.”

If by that he means they want to see a bunch of blokes start looking at their reflection in the back of a loyalty card then sorry Steve, it’s probably not going to happen.


  • Avon B.
    Can I use my Green Shield stamps there?
  • Chris
    Superdrug is cheaper than Boots, i have been shopping at both for years, only shop at boots for a aftershave which superdrug dont sell so superdrug beauty card or not, wont stop me shopping there :D
  • Nick T.
    Surely it doesn't matter how many points you receive, it's their value on redemption that matters? If Boots give four points worth 1p each and Superdrug give one point worth 5p, how many apples do I have left?
  • Chris M.
    Superdrug haven't taken a long hard look at Boots at all! AS Watson the Company that own Superdrug, are well known around the world for their loyalty programme's with nearly 40 million member world wide, and with their expertise superdrug and the perfume shop are launching loyalty scheme's. The Beautycard is very different to the Advantage Card, and has nothing to do with looking a Boots!
  • Myrtle
    The Boots loyalty card machines never work anyway, so by simply providing a card and machine that work, Superdrug will immediately be ahead of the game.
  • Sawyer
    Why does everywhere offer a loyalty card these days? The Boots ladies always give me a funny look when I tell them that I neither have nor want an advantage card. Surely everyone wants one? It's like free money! Retailers need to realise that some of us have a limited number of card slots in their wallets. In my case it's just 6, of which 3 are taken up by debit/credit cards and one by my driving licence. That leaves just 2 for loyalty cards. Unless your card is so fantastic that it can occupy one of those slots, please don't bother. I refuse to carry more.
  • Hugh J.
    Boots staff are about as miserable as Tesco Staff. They are unfriendly unhelpful and frankly very pretentious. My partner went in once to get painkillers and they pretty much interrogated her like she was some junkie, fuck you Boots! Sorry Boots, I have never cared about your brand.. Funnily enough, I have always shopped in Superdrug and found staff both helpful, friendly and compassionate. So guess why I dont give a shit about boots, nor have I ever cared much about cards? I dont need one, Ill still shop in Superdrug. Like Sawyer said, there is only so much space for all these cards. Thnk of the tonnes of plastic being wasted? I have but one cardboard loyalty card, and thats for Nandos, which soon enough I will redeem for a free chicken! BEAT THAT! On the side, lately, I have seen advertisements of Boots taking on Superdrug, I guess they are shaking in their boots.. *chuckle*
  • G()D
    Boots staff are painfully bad! I tried taking a receipt which had £22 worth of points on to be put on my advantage card. Only to be told by the not so pretty blonde girl at the cash register " I can't put the points on, you have to take it to them to put them on" First of all who the hell are 'THEM' ?? The stupid girl! There's no one else to take it to! Lazy cow just couldn't be bothered to sort it out. So, screw Boots and it's loyalty points scheme- All your staff are morons!
  • Dick
    I'm going to get 200 of them and make myself a ceiling mirror.
  • Ducky
    Superdrug are often more than 4% cheaper than Boots... so unless you're a total mug you'll realise that you're still better off shopping at Superdrug with or without advantage cards.
  • Rosie
    All boots staff are morons? Can you really say that about every single member of staff...No you can't you tit.
  • John M.
    I currently have the domain names ADVANTAGECARDPLUS. COM - ADVANTAGECARD - PLUS. COM - ADVANTAGECARDPLUS. CO. UK - ADVANTAGECARD - PLUS. CO. UK which I have had registered for a number of years. If these domain names would be of any interest to you please get in touch, I am open to a sensible offer. Boots offers their customers just an ADVANTAGECARD, this would give you the opportunity to get that one step ahead by offering your customers an ADVANTAGECARD PLUS. I also have the domains names PRIVILEGEPLUS and PRIVILEGECARDPLUS available for sale. All of these domain names are offered for sale, and are available for immediate transfer. I look forward to your reply. Kind Regards, John McKinnon.
  • Raymond G.
    A simple way for Super Drug to take business away from Boots is to deduct the points value off of any transaction and i mean any transaction total from say £5.00 worth of points upwards. If you have say £15.00 worth of Boots points and walk up to the cashier with say £50:00 worth of goods to purchase and think to yourself ah ah i will only have to find the balance of £35:00 low and behold you will be wrong, if you have £15:00 worth of points you have to spend exactly that at the till or just below, any remaining balance is then carried forward on your card, in other words if you have several items and one is near to £15:00 you would have to buy this item seperately from the others. I have heard this argument many times when shopping in Boots, first time i spent £68:00 and had £20:00 worth of points to redeem was then told i had to spend the exact points value or just below (£20:00) but they would n't deduct it from the total purchase of £68:00 so i thought this is not what the customer expects so i looked at the price of my items found one as near as damn it to £20:00 and asked for a refund which they duly did, i of course then re-purchased this item much to their annoyance by using my points to the value as near as possible to the item i just returned by doing this i got my £20:00 off So remember this is how you can get your own back on Boots, if you forget that you can ONLY make a purchase of an item up to the value of (or just below)your points value. Ask for a refund on an item and then re-purchase it with your points, remember Boots do not expect you to do this because they either think you will be too embarassed or wont be a quick thinker, Remember Boots are relying on you to make the mistake of thinking you will get the points value deducted from any transaction as you arrive at the till, but you will be wrong so play them at their own game ask for a refund on one or more items up to the value of your points then annoy them by re-purchasing with you points value.

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