Holy alter ego! Batman has dual identity, too

17 February 2010

People, if you want to spend your evenings creating counterfeit toys for kids while smoking crack, be sure you take a moment to check over your work the next morning. Crack often robs you of your train of thought:

Bitterwallet - batman vs spiderman



  • owt4nowt
    Reassuring to know that Bat/Spiderman has avenged the UK Secretary of Justice.
  • Junkyard
    Yeah, shame he can't take on Dark Lord Mandelson while he's at it.
  • Shooter M.
    "Spiderman stroke all criminal activates and criminals everywhere" I'm not sure that DC or Marvel, depending on whether it's Batman or Spiderman, advocate a super hero who combats crime by giving handjobs to villains
  • Johnny F.
    It's like i'm really browsing 4chan...
  • CJN
    I think we have an example of the the literary artistry of computer translation. When the Google translator phone takes off we will all be talking like this.
  • marc
    If Jack Straw is now Batman/Spiderman's mortal enemy then we must ask that un-answerable question "what would David Milliband do?"

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