Stop watching dirty videos in McDonald's

Stop watching dirty videos in McDonald's

Technology is a marvellous thing. Thanks to smartphones, you can do all manner of stuff while out-and-about.

Some people have embraced the endless possibilities of technology, and chosen to watch porn while ploughing through a portion of McNuggets while sat in a McDonald's.


And McDonald's are not happy about this. They don't want you using their free WiFi to watch a load of mucky videos while people are trying to eat a Big Mac in peace.

From now on, each McDonald's restaurant is going to filter what you watch. Of course, if you're really determined, you could use your 4G connection, but really, it is weird wanting to watch porn in a burger joint.

This comes after the group were pressured by an internet safety group called 'Enough is Enough', which is a rather dramatic, whiny name.

They'd like to see an end to anyone getting access to porn through public WiFi.

The group's head honcho Donna Rice Hughes said: "We discovered that corporate America is not aware of how some people use their free Wi-Fi."

"I've asked Starbucks employees whether they've had problems with customers in stores watching porn, and they've said, yes, that they sometimes have to tap customers on the shoulder (to close a website)."

Filthy sods.


  • Dacouch

    They have a French arm to the protest group called an Oeuf is an Oeuf.

    Quoted from Vincent Vega

  • hashtagFPB

    haven't these people heard of Tor or iPredator

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