Still time to vote in our Worst Company Of 2010 final!

wcb-2010-medalBefore all of that (real or otherwise) Christmas cheer kicks in, there’s still time for you to send out a sour-faced message to one of the two finalists in Bitterwallet’s Worst Company Of 2010 awards.

The two companies that are slugging it out for the unwanted title and ceremonial golden turd that may or may not go with it are Vodafone and HDNL/Yodel and you’ve got until midnight tonight to give one of them a cyber-punch right in the chops.

check out the results so far as the whole thing draws to a close and we turn our attentions instead to gluttony and arguing.

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  • christy
    Vodaphone, can't decide whether I love em or hate em. Took months to sort out a 7 day phone return, but they replaced my mates I phone no quibble after his cat pissed on it rendering it beyond repair.

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