Starbucks to pay the Living Wage

25 September 2015

starbucks-logo The news that Starbucks are going to start paying the Living Wage is absolutely going to see a bunch of people spluttered "how about paying some bloody tax then? Hur hur!" Meanwhile, we keep singing 'the Living Wage' to the tune of 'The Living Years' by Mike & The Mechanics. We've earwormed ourselves. We're doomed.

Anyway, thousands of Starbucks employees are going to get a 6% pay rise, even if they're under 25. So, all the baristas will now be on £7.20 an hour,  while supervisors will be getting £8.72. Those who work in London will be getting even more, because the standard of living costs down there are so stupidly high, but the company haven't disclosed that yet.

Starbucks say that coffee prices will not be affected by this decision.

This is a thumb-in-the-eye for Costa Coffee. Their boss, Andy Harrison, said that they're planning "some selective price increases" so they can keep up with the price of paying for the Living Wage (say it loooud, say it cleeeaar... see? We've had it).

The minimum wage legislation will kick in everywhere next April, starting at £7.20, and rising to somewhere around £9.35 by 2020 for all workers aged 25 and over.

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