Starbucks to dress staff like hipsters

Starbucks to dress staff like hipsters

Do you get your coffee from the local hipster joint, where lads have beard that take 45 minutes to comb, and ladies with glasses more expensive than your entire wardrobe?

Well, Starbucks want to get in on that action, and have updated their dress code so it looks a bit more 'bespoke', even if the coffee isn't.

This new guideline lets Starbucks baristas have a bit more freedom with their clobber, thanks to a "dress code lookbook" they've issued. They've given the nod to fedora hats, but not snapback caps.

The book says that Starbucks' staff should have more room for "self-expression," and that they're "inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work."

Before, it was all black polos, but now we're going to see some patterns, neck scarves, and other stuff.

Here's a page from it.

If your hat is going to have a logo, it better be the Starbucks one. Or one of those shapeless woolly hats that skateboarders used to wear in 2004.

Should you want to wear a tie to work, you can, provided it isn't 'too distracting' or anything like that.

This is clearly a move for Starbucks to try and edge away from the corporate feel that the chains have.

Of course, 99.9% of people really couldn't care less about what the staff are wearing, provided they get their caffeine fix, and a lot of the staff aren't likely to want to wear their fancy clothes at work.

Still, it is a move in the right direction for Starbucks, who should embrace everything people like about independent coffee shops. We'll leave it to you to make your own jokes about paying tax.

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