Starbucks go toe-to-toe with Greggs in Bacon War (TM)

starbucks-logoSlurp vendors, Starbucks, have decided that they want to inject some of that delicious pig fat into your system first thing in the morning by offering you worker-bees a bacon sandwich. It seems they're eyeing up the continued success of places like Greggs and wanting in on the action.

However, they've missed a trick. At Greggs, you can buy a bacon butty for £1.50, or, for £1.99, you can have a brew with your roll as well. Starbucks, not a company known for overcharging people for the most basic of products (ahem), are asking you to pay £2.85 for a barm.

Apparently, Starbucks have this breakfast offer in 700 of their awful, awful coffee shops and settled on what they were going to sell after a team test 12,000 rashers with 20 varieties of bread before selecting British bacon.

However, there are customers who are already distinctly unimpressed, going to twitter (where else?) to complain about them. One saying that the bread was like "cardboard". Still, there are enough dunderheaded Starbucks devotees out there who'll think that what they're being offered is some kind of miracle meal.



  • Rich
    Well being from South Wales myself...Greggs are a plenty and Starbucks, less a plenty...I was recently forced into going to London for 3 days and I can safely say Greggs was not a plenty on Kensington High Street...I would have assumed it be positioned next to TX outlet I was also familiar with from back home :) Obviously I prefer the Greggs...nothing beats a cheese'n'onion pasty from there...oosy, gooey, mouth scalding'ness
  • Spaztcat
    Surprised it's taken this long... On the logo, isn't that streaky bacon coming out of her crowny thing?
  • Spaztcat
    ..... or she's got hair made out of massive Frazzles which, unless I'm very much mistaken, is also bacon related.
  • Dick
    > 12,000 rashers with 20 varieties of bread before selecting British bacon. I would have liked to be one of the three taste testers.
  • Sawyer
    My local Starbucks put their prices up today. 15p extra on everything. I hope we're not subsidising the bacon experiment.

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