Spreadable Twix is now a thing

We've got Nutella, and we've also got spreadable biscuits... now, it is time to hammer your arteries and contribute to the sugar tax with spreadable Twix.

That's right! Soon, you'll be able to buy a jar of Twix goo, and liberally apply it to your toast, or eat it straight from the jar with your fist, until your foot falls off!

Look at this promotional picture from the makers at Mars.

twix spreadable

It is basically a chocolate spread, and it'll have bits of biscuit in it, and of course, caramel.

Where can you get these from? Well, the 200g jars are available at Asda, but they'll be rolling out everywhere else in due course. They'll set you back £2 a pop.

They've missed a trick by not having the jar in two halves, to represent the two fingers of Twix - they could've sold them like KP's Choc Dips, but then, they didn't ask us about our brilliant ideas that'll give everyone type 2 diabetes. Either way, junk food fans rejoice.

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