Spotify step into the ring with new iTunes-killer

spotify-logo If you’re the honest, decent sort who pays for your music, there could be a price war about to break out that will suit you very nicely.

Spotify are revamping their music-selling offering and will be bunging out ‘bundles’ of music as well as individual tracks and albums. A bundle of 10 tracks will cost £7.99 (79.9p per track) while a bundle of 100 costs £50 (a very tasty 50p per track).

More significantly, a new version of Spotify will allow you to synchronise your music from your computer to your mobile device – which until now has been a service that has been dominated by Apple’s iTunes.

Helpfully, the synching feature will work over Wi-Fi so you won’t even have to plug your iPod, iPhone or Android device into your computer while you’re updating your library of sounds. Neat. Whether or not users will adopt Spotify’s sync service when they still have to use the likes of iTunes for other non-music syncing will be the acid test though.

We’re also waiting to see how Apple respond to all of this… we imagine they’ll be REALLY COOL about it all, eh readers?

Back to pricing, and Amazon have cut the price of MP3 downloads in the US, bringing them down to 69 cents, compared to the $1.29 that some songs in Apple's iTunes Store sell at. Hopefully, we’ll see similar price cuts here in the UK as the music providers start jockeying for top dog status.

Tell us your thoughts, or maybe write us a poem. It’s been a while since you’ve written us a poem. You used to do it all the time. What happened to the magic? Eh?



  • Grassy T.
    Surely all it will just take is for Apple to run a simple update to iTunes/iPod software and update iTunes T&Cs to render Spotify useless?
  • Javaman
    @ Grassy as well as all other 3rd party apps used to sync the iPod - yes, they could do it but they won't.
  • Ben
    Dear Bitterwallet I thought I'd write a haiku second thoughts: fuck off
  • Alexis
    So I have to pay at least £5 a month, plus the price of tracks if I want the files. Or I could just go to iTunes, buy it, and have a music setup free from having to pay somebody £60 a year.
  • Expendable B.
    "Write a poem", says A. Dawson, "About that wondrous Spotify" Well I did I was ordered, Gave the pay version a try. It's okay, but not brilliant, And a monthly fee and THEN you buy? Plus your blog's constant shilling, Of this product makes me cry. So Bitterwallet I must ask, That you put paid to this feeble try, At being a blatant advertiser, Go back to slagging DSGI.
  • Alexis
    Free Spotify doesn't even have ads any more. Just their own drivel, and usually the exact same ad twice - first posh British, and then nasal American.

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