Sports Direct to start treating their staff nicely?

sportsdirect There's been a lot of trouble at Sports Direct, and it all centres on the way the company is treating their staff. All the bad press has affected the share value, so obviously, the board are not a happy bunch.

With that, Sports Direct are going to review all agency worker terms and conditions. Hopefully, that means they'll be treating staff more nicely. You suspect the reality of the situation is more likely to be 'a lot of people end up getting sacked'.

The company have been accused of 'naming and shaming' staff over the tannoy at their Shirebrook site, as well as alleged penalties for staff that were ill.

The one thing they did open up about, was the fact that staff at their warehouses were indeed searched, which was all unpaid time employees spent at work. As a result of this, it was questioned whether this meant staff were actually on less than the minimum wage.

Of course, the company have received a lot of bad press over their use of zero-hour contracts, and at one point, it was reported that 90% of Sports Direct staff were on these controversial contracts.

So, now there's going to be a review into all this. Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley is to oversee it, which may not fill everyone with hope.


  • Peter T.
    Mike Ashley is going to oversee it? Well. In other news: Jimmy Savile to oversee historical child abuse allegations, Adolf Hitler to oversee historical allegations of anti-semitism and Morrissey to look into possibilty that sausages might not be good for you.
  • Bonobo
    Mike Ashley: "I have looked into the conditions and terms of employment that I originally imposed, and I have agreed that I was absolutely right all along".
  • James D.
    Mike Ashley? You mean Mike Hunt don't you. What a Cnut.
  • Mike
    I really hate Sports Direct. It really is such a miserable retail experience. This offers yet another excuse to never go there again.
  • Father J.
    "Morrissey to look into possibilty that not being white might not be good for you." FTFY

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