Sports Direct to go into gyms?

15 May 2014

sportsdirect Sports Direct look likely to expand into the gym market as they're looking to buy up 33 gyms from LA Fitness.

Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley, is in talks to acquire the leases on the LA Fitness gyms after the troubled company was forced to dispose of sites through a company voluntary agreement.

There's no real news as to what this would mean for the gyms - possibly a rebranding exercise (exercise - geddit? Oh never mind) - however they will be operated by Sports Direct.

They're also likely to bring in their own brands such as Dunlop, boxing range Everlast, and fitness brand LA Gear to be used/ sold in the gyms too [Please bring back the Michael Jackson edition LA Gear hi-tops please - Ed].

This is the latest in something of a spree for Ashley, having already bought stakes in Debenhams and House of Fraser this year. Of course, he owns Newcastle United and rebranded St James' Park as the Sports Direct Arena.

LA Fitness has 80 clubs - including the 33 for sale, which are located mostly outside the M25.

No news as yet about whether you'll be allowed to get your tits out though.

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