Sports Direct to be sued by zero hour contract workers

sportsdirect Zero hour contracts polarise opinion, with some saying that they're magnificently unfair to people who want to earn a crust, while others saying 'oh shut up moaning - most jobs aren't ideal'.

Well, those on the zero hour contracts at Sports Direct were left out of a £160m bonus scheme, and it looks like there's going to be legal action over it.

The 2,000 or so permanent staff members of the company received around £160m in shares, but those on the controversial zero hour contracts were left out, and they are set to sue for breach of contract at the High Court.

The thing is, that almost 90% of the staff at Sports Direct are on zero hour contracts, and they're already irritated because they don't get holidays, sick pay and work for a company that doesn't even guarantee them set numbers of hours each working week.

Elizabeth George, of law firm Leigh Day, said: "These are the staff whose hard work over many years has brought about the record profits that funded the bonus awards in the first place. It's plainly unfair that they should have missed out."

"We believe that they had a contractual right to the bonus because regardless of the zero-hours label that the company has given their contracts they were all permanent employees of the company for the necessary number of years."

How they'll afford this lawsuit is another matter.


  • Rob
    Clearly Elizabeth George has never been in a Sports Direct.. Always seem to be standing around doing nolt. big queues at till, no one every around to open changing rooms, place always looking like a jumble sale.
  • Bill
    And yet maybe if they were paid fairly, they'd give a crap.
  • Lori
    sports direct shops need to have more space in them for disabled access,there is no room for any wheelchair access up and down the shop.everything is crammed in them.come on sports direct,more space more customers in.

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