Sports Direct to allow independent review

Sports Direct to allow independent review

After getting it in the neck from all angles, Sports Direct have finally given in to the pressure, and said that they'll undertake an independent review of working practices and corporate governance.

Employees and MPs have been putting the heat on the company, and it worked.

Initially, Sports Direct were going to have their '360 degree' review done by their law firm, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.

They did an internal probe earlier this month, but there were questions about the independence of the investigation. No-one needs bias in a thing like this, especially when it is this high profile.

You'll recall that Sports Direct were accused of working their staff in 'Victorian workhouse' conditions, and thanks to security searches, it transpired that staff were being paid less than minimum wage.

Employees have previously said that they were subject to bullying and humiliation, with people alleging that they'd been fined for going to the toilet, and accusations that people had been sacked when they'd been off work sick.

The budget leisurewear retailer said that, after talks with shareholders, the review “will now be led by an independent party other than RPC".

"The board has made this decision after listening to shareholder feedback at the recent AGM/Open Day and during subsequent consultation with a number of the company's long-standing shareholders via the Investor Forum," Sports Direct said.

Sports Direct have said that casual retail staff are now getting guaranteed hours instead of zero hours contracts, and that warehouse staff are getting paid above the national minimum wage.

However, if you're agency staff, these don't apply. Clearly there's more to be done.

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