Splatt scam starts using credit card details

Although the sorry saga of Splatt should be dead and buried, it looks like it's continuing to haunt those customers who believed it to be a genuine retail website. While the site has disappeared and the trail has run cold (although both the police and Trading Standards are investigating as far as we know), it seems that hundreds, perhaps thousands of customers did place orders with scam company.

We advised readers in December to contact their card providers and cancel their credit cards; the scam works by taking payment at a later date so that suspicion isn't raised. Suffice to say that no goods are ever delivered, and so it can take several weeks for customers to twig that they've been scammed.

Now it seems that those who set up Splatt have moved on to the next stage of their scam, as Bitterwallet reader Jo explains:

Ordered Uggs from Splatt in December which of course never arrived – the money has now been taken from the VISA account used, and in fact has escalated into a case of identity theft which the police are involved with. A number of catalogue accounts etc have been opened using the details provided to Splatt.

The VISA card company have credited the money back, but horrible thought that someone is using my identity.

Jo isn't the only one - a member of the HUKD community has also noticed an unauthorised charge of £160 against her credit card. As before, if you or anyone you know ordered from Splatt, check your credit card statements and contact your card supplier immediately.


  • Dick
    > so that suspicion isn’t isn’t raised Does that mean that it is? Or just that it really isn't?
  • Hollie
    I thought this day would come... I just hope we cancelled the right card! I hope these scum get caught quickly!

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