Spend your BHS vouchers, now!

BHS Vouchers

As you'll know, BHS are not in a good way, going into administration yesterday.

For customers at the stores, there's one pressing concern - if you have any BHS vouchers, you need to spend them as soon as you possibly can. Don't hang onto them, just in case - get them spent.

Like all businesses with an uncertainly future, there's a chance that at some point in the not-too-distant future, they'll change the way they do things, and that could include refusing vouchers.

While they're still trading, relatively speaking, as normal, it is a very good idea to get them spent up, so you don't end up wasting them.

Even Which!!! agree with us.

Alex Neill from the watchdog said: "Consumers need to be aware of their rights when a high street retailer goes into administration, particularly regarding gift vouchers."

"Our advice to anyone with a BHS voucher is to spend it as quickly as possible."

Is there anything you can do if you have vouchers and a company stops accepting them? Maybe you didn't know you had some and you find them down the back of a drawer.

Well, when a company goes into administration, and they start to refuse gift vouchers, you can try and get something out of the administrators. The folks at Which!!! have some advice on what to do if a business goes into administration.

Either way, if you're after some homeware, a new duvet, or whatever, get your BHS vouchers spent as soon as you can.


  • Kevin S.

    I would have thought that anyone with BHS vouchers rushed in at the weekend and got rid of them!

  • Martyn H.

    I'd be offended if anyone ever got me BHS vouchers.

    • Dick-Wad

      I can give you a load. I have some vouchers for you as well.

  • star11

    They stopped accepting gftcards weeks ago, so I should think vouchers too...

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