'Sorry mate, I thought it was the drive-thru lane...'

22 January 2011

TOPICS:   High Street News


  • Carl
    Anybody else really surprised to discover it was a woman driver?
  • hippy
    bloody women drivers!
  • Stu
    Why no criminal charges? What if there had been a kid standing outside! Surely at least driving without due care and a attention?
  • peter
    "Anybody else really surprised to discover it was a woman driver?" What i found surprising was that she couldn't speak much English! Those bloody automatics. So hard to drive.
  • Colin
    Insurance Fraud?????
  • CC
    Reporter "Cwiminal charges" and dull bastards getting interviewed. No wonder i left that country full of cum guzzling idiots :D
  • Dave T.
    Insurance Fraud
  • Inciter
    Sounds like she's a foreigner. Presumably not used to driving on the LH side of the road. Wonder if she had ANY INSURANCE?

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