Sony announce PlayStation Now and stocks tumble for second-hand game vendors

8 January 2014

Playstation-Buttons-300x187 Sony have announced their new cloud service called PlayStation Now where classic games from PS1, PS2 and PS3 will be available on tablets, computers and Bravia TVs. There'll be a global roll-out some time in summer and for gamers, this is very exciting indeed.

Sony's Andrew House said at CES: "Playing your favourite PS3 game on your television will become a reality." Of course, if you had a PS3 in the first place, playing its games on your TV is already a reality, but you get what he means. PS4 consoles and the PS Vita will also have access to the cloud.

It seems that you'll be able to pay for individual titles or have an annual subscription where you get access to the entire catalogue. Sony haven't announced any prices yet.

This echoes OnLive which kicked off in 2010, however, OnLive failed to land the huge titles, so it looks like Sony are out to kill the opposing services dead.

OnLive won't be the only casualties. In America, retailer GameStop has seen their stock drop following the announcement. Trading was down nearly 9%. In the UK, it looks like GAME and shops like Cex could suffer too, as they trade in second-hand console games. Of course, you can't download the peripherals, but as prices tend to be cheaper online rather than in stores, it looks like there's tough times ahead for those in the gaming retail industry.



  • redhughes
    not global - will start in the US
  • Tits M.
    Gaikai was far superior to onlive anyway - mass effect ran brilliantly on it even though hosted in US. Glad Sony bought them up, its pretty much how the next playstation will work I reckon.
  • Sawyer
    Will this be like the Xperia PlayStation phone (whatever it was called) for which they released Cool Boarders and Crash Bandicoot before pretty much forgetting about the whole thing? I'm sure they promised that would roll out to all Android devices as well. Also, as red says, not global. Another thing Sony aren't great at when it comes to digital distribution...

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