So, who was the BEST company in Britain in 2010?

best companyIn case you missed it owing to the never-ending holiday season, nasty Vodafone are suffering from a bloodied nose at the moment, inflicted by you lot and your voting. Yes, the wretched mobile communication firm came out on top of our Worst Company In Britain 2010 poll which ended just as Santa was dropping in with his sacks of goodies.

Now that the dust has settled and we’re all feeling a little bit calmer, we’d like to shine the torch on the companies that have made us smile over the past year instead of making us want to attempt to chew our own elbows off instead. Yes, it’s Bitterwallet’s Best Company In Britain 2010 award,

Ass per its evil twin, you can nominate any company that operates in the UK, either in the comments box below or by following us on Twitter and replying to us there. GET ON IT!


  • The B.
    I'd say Amazon but having just trialled Prime, the very fact that they use City-link invalidates anything positive about them.
  • Mike H.
    Hmmmm, naff all posts for best company, proving that the only thing the net is good for is moaning.
  • Sam
    I've dealt with Manx Telecom recently, and they have been an absolute pleasure compared to other telephone companies. Maybe they should be on the list?
  • Sam
    Actually, Manx Telecom probably don't come under Britain. Zavvi/The Hut are quite good also.
  • Rambo
    Deffo Amazon for me - 1st class service every time. Cannot fault them.......
  • Tom
  • Buzz L.
    Currys and PC World Megastores - so much better than BestBuy!
  • Fred
    The co-operative group are always great, wether it be shopping banking or pharmacy etc. Wetherspoons are also great and very consistant with this.
  • James
    Best company in Britain is City-Link...........why I hear you cry......because they've not darkened my door for the last 365 days and that makes them perfect for me.
  • JEM
    My choice would be Asda.
  • Stu
    Amazon. No matter where I go, I always end up ordering from Amazon if I want reliable products that are exactly what I ordered. My OH was offered a job with them earlier in the year and they might be slave drivers, but they are perfectionists from the warehouse floor to deliveries and email replies. Can I also add another non-UK based one - Deal Extreme. Everyone always slags them off, but if you're not in a hurry to get things, they always come up trumps, I've yet to be hit by customs and they're...well... cheap!
  • zeddy
    Amazon for me.
  • Michael H.
    At the risk of creating an Amazon "echo" around here, I'll throw Richer Sounds into the hat. One of the few mainstream retailers where I can still hope to find some credible product advice, competitive pricing (even against online) and a general "good feeling" towards their customers.
  • PlatPlat
    giffgaff Sainsbury's Microsoft
  • Russ
    HULL CITY FC I'm a Wycombe fan but wanted to "tick off" the KC Stadium So taking advantage of the 2 for £19.50 ticket offer in The Sun I decided to go to the Portsmouth game on 23rd October. They let me apply by post, enclosing my card number. They then delivered them to my house, 1st class post, no booking fee or postage charge. I sold the other ticket for a tenner so got in for £9.50 But when I was up there I lost my ticket. They replaced it and reprinted it free of charge so I could get in Great service
  • 2nd M.
    John lewis Group. JL themselves are brilliant. Waitrose is superb. And Ocado - who I do my online shopping with - Substitutions are rare and refunds easy and always honoured. I second the Co-op group - better quality than Tesco and just round the corner.
  • 2nd M.
    Oh - yes - Giff Gaff as well - great deal.
  • Matt
    John Lewis Group. All exemplary!
  • Snowball
    DV247 have been excellent each time I've used them, and where I had a problem with some equipment, they were extremely helpful in getting it replaced. Really impressive customer services, and great prices too. TopCashBack, for giving me a shitload of cash, and without stinging me for a £5 admin fee. Royal Mail. Ooh, I know they're going to be a controversial choice amongst you miserable sods, but look at it this way: they've fucked up maybe twice over the past year with my mail. That's like an 0.2% error rate, assuming an average of about 3 items daily,, which is probably an underestimate. Over the past month, they've served me far, far better than Citylink or any of the other courier companies. They're not perfect, but I think their imperfections are skewed far out of perspective. Lastly, Marie Curie for making a friend's final days so much easier and happier.
  • craig
    ebuyer microsoft city link used them all regularly this year not had a jot of trouble
  • craig
    oops meant last year
  • kv
    DPD, best couriers I've ever dealt with also M&S and Amazon
  • Mr P.
    Zen internet! Absolutely fantastic customer service-the best I have ever dealt with. Not the cheapest ISP by a long shot but they provide online waiting times for their phone services; are unfailingly polite and will always and I mean always endeavor to sort your problems out for you asap. Amazon as well for their returns service-top notch and simple to use.
  • Little F.
    Ocado. Amazing customer service, loads of 15% off emails through the year and free delivery slots, always on time, not had a single substitution or missing item all year long. Compare to Tesco and Milk&More who are guaranteed to totally fuck up any delivery in the most ridiculous way possible.
  • Mark C.
    Amazon have been excellent this year, getting things to me well within estimated times, and sorting out lost parcels with no quibble. Morrison's have also been brilliant - I've moved my weekly shopping to the local branch because it's massively cheaper than local branches of Tesco and Sainsburys, they're rarely out of stock, the fresh produce is genuinely fresh, and they have an excellent wine selection. Plus they don't try to fake cheapness with impractical BOGOF deals like Tesco does. I'd also like to nominate HMV on the basis of their flagship Oxford Street store, which is one of the few places left where I can spend hours rummaging around for films it wouldn't have occurred to me to order online - would be a shame if they folded as well, leaving the high street to endless identical branches of H&M and Gap. Oh, and John Lewis, just on general principle. :)
  • John I.
    Either Amazon, John Lewis or Richer Sounds. All more or less perfect.

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