So who is the BEST Company In Britain 2009 then?

Worst Company in Britain 2009 competition, the pungent stench of negativity around these parts has been lodged in our nostrils like a fat crow in a robin’s nest. We reckon it’s time to think nice thoughts for a bit instead.

So, while the year gone by is still fresh in your memory and as a potential spoiler to the Oscars ™, we’re looking for your nominations for the Best Company In Britain 2009. We’re not expecting the strength of feeling that its ‘Worst’ equivalent provoked from you all but if there’s a company out there that consistently delivers the goods for you (literally as well as figuratively) we want to know who they are.

Stick their name and your reasons for nominating them in the comments box below and after the weekend, we’ll put it to a vote and see who comes out on top. And (blushes) yes, you CAN nominate HotUKDeals and Bitterwallet if you want to…


  • klingelton
    I would like to nominate: AMAZON for not cocking up one single order throughout the course of a year, always delivering next day and all the wrapping they've sent being appropriate and fully recycleable
  • SimbaK2K
    Another one for Amazon. They've been great and never failed me and the returns policy is pretty good. Also are great for games and you generally get the game next day compared to's 3 weeks.
  • goon
    amazon, scan computers, john lewis, sainsburys, b&q, screwfix direct. all good companys with excellent service, customer service and quality with good prices.
  • ScottC
    John Lewis, Amazon, Shopto and O2.
  • klingelton
    i second scan - those guys are ace!
  • TeflonMan
    ING Direct Consistent and transparent products and probably the best call centre in the UK: You get to speak to an actual human immediately when you call them and every single person I have had dealings with there seems to have a full set set of brain cells - unlike any other call centre I can think of. The only bank I actually LIKE dealing with. And no, I don't work for them.
  • ScottC
    Oops reasons for - forgot! All basically provide a good service, and good customer service in my experience! Simples. As a belated nomination for worst, I'd like to say B&Q. What a shower.
  • ScottC
    Oh and First Direct! Brill customer service!
  • david
    quidco despite their shoddy implementation of the new website including loss of features, you can't argue with cold hard cash for stuff you were (probably) going to buy anyway.
  • MayContainNuts
    Be Broadband. Not had a single minute of downtime all year and speeds of over 20Mb. They're customer service has been so good when I've spoken to them, I've even forgiven them for their website redesign!
  • david
    can i say it? Apple - they are just as british as Amazon
  • chris
    amazon - regularly the cheapest, never ever had an issue in 3+ years of being customer and website always works Book People is a company i ordered few times from now having seen on HUKD who have always been faultless
  • Nobby
    Amazon, TheBookPeople, O2 (broadband)
  • Tom J.
    i have to say citylink on christmas eve i missed a deliver rung up and sent the delivery driver back to my house great customer service
  • Gunn
    I would have probably said Amazon but had some issues in 2009. Which made me move to but they are definitely worse so I crawled back to Amazon. I'm actually an ebuyer fan have used that site for last 9 years and never had an issue.
  • goon
    Be Broadband yes i forgot them really great company
  • LB33
    Royal Mail Unfortunately a few bad opinions seem to be taken for the norm... myself and most of the country appreciate the immense effort the RM staff went through battling through strike action, coping with terrible management, and struggling through snow and ice to bring people their post, packets and parcels this year and particularly in the run up to Christmas.
  • Kris
    Surely we can't all be nominating Amazon, not after they deleted 1984 from the kindles of all who bought it... I appreciate its a single blot on rather a large copybook, but there are plenty of companies who've done just as good a job without any high-profile screw-ups.
  • ScottC
    >> "myself and most of the country" I think you may be speaking for people you cant there. I'm not going to slate Royal Mail, but you seem to be praising them for simply doing their job - doesnt quite make them the BEST company in Britain.
  • ScottC
    Thing is Kris, most people on this side of the Atlantic werent affected by the 1984 issue.
  • kev
    Amazon and M&S for me
  • james d.
    They may only cover Wales but I would say Welsh Water, you only ever have to ring them once and they sort everything out for you every time. Moving house with welsh water is "hello I am moving" "that's all done for you" That's how all companies should be run.
  • james d.
    LB33 Royal Mail's management are part of the company. Just because you have some sympathy for the job the staff do doesn't make the company a good one. As for citylink my experiences with them in both swansea and cardiff distribution centres have been terrible.
  • kev
    oh reasons: amazon because they now deliver anything bar tvs to ireland (and for free if you spend over £25), something which most other uk companies won't, they've been very punctual with deliveies, and have honoured a few misprices m&s: because they've good food for cooking for one, their clothes are really nice, and they do extra wide shoes which are very hard to get elsewhere
  • Fella-Tio
    I'd vote Play but since the call centre moved to some random asian country its gone to shit, apart from that they have always been good with me (nearly 600 items bought since '99)
  • LoLza!
    Topman, Burton, Amazon, Morrisons & ASDA
  • PaulH
    Ryan Air
  • newt
    A nomination for A fellow crusader for the skint and disgruntled.
  • andy y.
    ryanair, prices a fraction of the competition.willing (off and on) to serve provincial airports. and crucially they don't take any shit form the mouth breathers who are too fucking lazy and/or stupid to read the T&Cs
  • Craig
    The AA. Used them both for breakdown cover and home insurance. Superb customer service whenever I've had to deal with them. Also can't fault their breakdown service when I had to use it a few months ago.
  • M
    Amazon - for consistent on time delivery and great no issues customer service, plus always good prices
  • The B.
    Royal Mail, Ryan Air, Currys, T-Mobile, Orange and Sky, I've not used any of them so they've never let me down.
  • Mark best bank by a mile.
  • steff
    Amazon: great prices, customer services, easy and painless returns etc etc
  • Stez
    Toshiba for free repairs out of warranty and excellent service. ebuyer are very good too, any faulty stock usually gets replaced straight away
  • Adam
    Barclaycard - really helped me out this last 6 months with lots of problems. The staff although based in a foreign call centre, are amongst the friendliest and most helpful I have come across. Always willing to help you.
  • Phill
    Boringly, another vote for Amazon for the reasons already given. Would also like to suggest Asda, for being my preferred supermarket due to great prices/offers. I have to add Comet, i've bought a few things from them over the past year and not had a problem, outshines the likes of Currys by a mile.
  • Dave
    Amazon are consistently excellent. Must back up the comments on WW - i moved and they were seamless. When did Scan become less than dodgy?
  • mick m.
    my son wanted one of those new scooters ...the v-triker . i phoned and they delivered one the SAME DAY ! amazing service
  • James
    Amazon have always lived up to their promises of late. O2 are excellent in my opinon. But my number one vote is for Firstdirect who I think are the best bank out there. Great customer service, very good credit card security, uk based call centre and staff who seem to care and will actually have a conversation.
  • Pokey
    Co-operative Bank; had only top notch, friendly service from them for the last twelve years. Never had any reason to phone up moaning. They sorted out some ebay identity theft issues immediately and got me over £500 back several years ago. A genuinely ethical bank too. Now merged with Britannia who are also offer a very good service. I also have to give my support to Amazon who I've always found completely reliable. Scan and even historically-awful Ebuyer have demonstrated decent customer service in recent years. They put the wankers at Overclockers to shame!
  • Mike H.
    Delta Airlines - flown them 5 times, booking and service has been great, loads better than AA. Richer Sounds - Price and customer service. Chain Reaction Cycles - In 4years they've never got an order wrong and their warranty service is great.
  • Rob
    I'm putting my neck on the line here and saying Marks & Spencer. Loads of orders delivered promptly which scored me lots of points with the missus
  • Pizza_D_Action
    O2 Broadband from me... cheap as chips less than £20 for a YEARS unlimited broadband, great customer service...
  • d72
    Royal Mail because they're better than all of these useless couriers
  • Como
    First Direct. Fantastic bank, with great customer service. Very impressive and such a breath of fresh air from the cretins at Halifax. Amazon Popular choice, but well deserved. Used for years without any hitch, and this christmas was especially heavy on the use and it came through with flying colours. Only negative with them is when Marketplace items appear frequently in some categories which are in no way as competitive as main amazon prices and don't come with the same delivery offers. EBuyer Impressed with the speed and service and communication, making expensive purchases painless.
  • Better M.
    Maplin - staff are helpful and don't irritate you with extra add-on sales Sainsburys - good quality at a decent price Argos - really good delivery service - they actually call you an hour before delivery - prices are generally competitive Matalan - decent stuff for reasonable prices
  • bobby
    John Lewis!!
  • thepearce Like quidco, only better.
  • thepearce - saved me a small fortune. Yes I know they get free word-of-mouth advertising but the cinema aint cheap and I get to see (great) films I might perhaps normally not bother with.
  • Simon
    Amazon?! Good??!? Are you people INSANE??! I just can't... words... no, I... just... utterly despair...
  • thepearce
    o2 broadband 0 kept informed every step of the way. No issues. Great price.
  • dunfyboy
    My local chinkie. Best Mongolian chicken ever.
  • Pokey
    dunfyboy: and what a nice racially discriminative way of saying so.
  • klingelton
    another one: love film - excellent no questions customer service, if something aint right, they fix it no questions asked sony - ps3 went wrong, a new one was sent out immediately to my door the next day. amazing service nintendo - without their wii, my wife wouldn't be wiggling her arse in front of me every night doing the hoola hoop session on wii fit!!
  • 100pints
    O2 for me - FREE broadband (runs at 6.8 meg) with monthly sim for £20 a month - no downtime or anything - Excellent O2
  • 100pints
    Mobile phone sim I meant
  • dunfyboy
    Sorry Pokey, but that's what chinese takeaways are called. Would you rather I withdrew my nomination and just voted for the big corporate companies run by white folk? Well, I won't bend to your racist beliefs. My nomination stands!
  • Steve
    RicherSounds :- price, have used for years spent thousands [instore], non nagging salespeople, warranty is actually worth the money eBuyer :- awesome prices, again, spent thousands here [online], never a problem, even with returns To be honest if i wanted an av or computing item that wasn't availible from either of these, I don't think i would bother.
  • ian r.
    Surely all those siting companies that have had their items delivered the next day must also be praising the delivery companies...this includes royal mail, TNT, parcel force, fedex and so on. amazon are good though :) for the other reasons ( cust serv, price)
  • davox
    Be Broadband for me this year, fantastic broadband speeds with no shaping, capping or other messing with my connection, 0800 customer service number to staff who actually are experts on the internets and do what they say they will. Busy, helpful, open and friendly forum on their website and they even hold official socials in pubs in London and Manchester so the staff can meet the customers in person. Oh and they are not the cheapest deal available, but brilliant value considering what you get
  • dave
    Definitely NOT Amazon, stuff never arrives, you wait in all day, making a complaint is a waste of time (Philippines usually), how a 40" TV was tracked by Amazon leaving the depot in Wales & mysteriously disappeared over the Severn Bridge remains a mystery. From book store to junk store. For service: Apple +1 Gieves & Hawkes +1
  • TeflonMan
    "Royal Mail because they’re better than all of these useless couriers" The one-eyed is king among the blind ... :-/
  • JamesL
    Another nomination for Ryanair. I've been all over Europe at ridiculously low prices and they've never let me down. You know where you stand - you pay peanuts, and they don't give you any on the flight.
  • Spankypants
    Hotel Chocolat. Messed up and sent me 3x time the amount I ordered and let me keep it for free! Also Waitrose & Next
  • Big A.
    Morrisons - Just a nice place to shop Richer Sounds - Stick to what they do best and the staff know what they are talking about unlike others!!! HSBC Car Insurance - Nothing ever too much trouble for the call centre staff and prices very keen. Not had to claim and hope I don't need to but service better keep up Honda - Problem with my brakes which both the Stealer reckoned wouldn't be covered but Honda met all costs, even the Stealer's £1 odd to fill up my washer bottle that didn't need filled!!! No amazon vote as they messed up a christmas order by splitting it up. They are however pretty good and will likely win.
  • Gary - 10 years of hassle-free on-line banking.
  • Matthew
    Apple - Amazing all round. ShopTo - Cheap prices and amazingly quick delivery. Amazon - Best at everything, really.
  • Dane n.
    +1 Amazon and 02
  • Pascal S.
    AlertMe - The most amazing customer service I have ever come across. Amazon - Quick, painless and free (usually) Mercedes Benz - We had major problems with a used smart we bought and its was fixed with no pain or fuss (at the cost of £1'000s to them)
  • Amazon B.
    [...] That’s the feeling we’re getting from the nominations that have come in so far from you for our Best Company in Britain 2009 poll. They’re the hot favourites to win it and no [...]
  • Carlos J.
    Amazon again from me :) usually best prices, if not contact them and they will change them, free and on time delivery, well packaged each time. Mention for Quidco too without which I would be poor and ripped off :) Home insurance cost me a massive 4p this year :)
  • JJ
    Well at least this one doesnt look as fixed as the worst company. Amazon for me to.
  • Kris
    Would like to nominate they are good value and customer support is excellent. Service is pretty good too!
  • Kris
    Would also like to nominate, far better service than quidco and its free! Also you can earn more than 105% cashback with referral bonuses. Payout seems much quicker and the inquires process is far simpler and you can request a payout whenever you want rather than waiting til the end of the month. I switched a year ago and have never looked back!
  • Andy
    Amazon There was a rare error on their website where a multibuy was not calculating the total correctly. I contacted them about it, they replied within 15 mins to say go ahead and order and we'll refund the difference. I placed the order, and 15 minutes after that the amount was refunded. Gobsmackingly good. Just goes to show that everyone makes mistakes, it's how you deal with them that makes the difference.
  • Lumoruk
  • Ste
    Screwfix - New bathroom suite delivered within 2 days at very good price, O2 - reliable service, affordable, helpful people, Scottish Power - Helpful call centres, offered to reimburse me immediately for overpayments made on a monthly DD, Sainsbury - Good food, good offers, good values. Nuff said.
  • Lynda H.
    You're right Ste, Scottish Power is pretty cool and Amazon and John Lewis :)
  • Rhona
    Sorry - strongly disagree on Scottish Power. Most of my dealings with them have been fairly shonky - and now they have me on one of those silent diallers so we get called and messages left round the clock. Definitely John Lewis though.
  • Capt.CoL
    Great Service, Good offers and Fantastic delivery system.
  • Capt.CoL
    Sorry - my previous comment was in favour for Amazon.
    Amazon by far. Amazon Prime never let me down for next day delivery even Super saver has been quick for delivery, prices always competitive and neve had any issues with packaging or incorrect items. CS is good when needed (my mistakes usually)
  • Paul
    The Book People, Bought from them many times over the years, they've never deviated from excellent service. has saved me cash.
  • House, M.
    TopCashBack. Gotta love the no-admin-fees-no-commission cashback model.
  • charitynjw
    BitterWallet - because of the brown paper bag full of used tenners (cheers,lads!)
  • Nick
    Can't believe no-one's mentioned Ocado - great range of food and drink coupled with professional delivery within hour windows.
  • Badgie
    Well, in my experience, Scan, Ocado and Virgin Media have been particularly good over the past year. Of these if I can only nominate one it would be... Scan.
  • Bristol c.
    Co-operative Bank: the one good reason "bank" is not quite a dirty word. Principled British company, soundly run, ethically peerless, nowhere near needing a bailout. On top of which: faultless customer service, easy online banking, 8 years track record. is run by Co-operative Bank btw. I also nominate Co-operative food (a.k.a. The Co-op): excellent own-brand goods, commitment to sustainable food, saving Somerfield and providing an alternative to Tesco Metro / Express and Sainsbury Local at the convenience store / High St. level.
  • Warwick H.
    John Lewis & Amazon - who is that numbnut nominating Play we send your stuff in a paper bag .com and Vermin media where you get at least 7 service downs a week in my experience plus their cable TV is shite.
  • Time m.
    I don't think Amazon can be faulted, always had good service. Others are e-buyer & Firebox. These have fantastic customer service. Royal Mail did excellent job with deliveries inspite of abysmal management and customer care and waste of resources. City Link cowboys are my nominee for worst having left all my Christmas presents in their Norfolk warehouse in spite of receiving them and telling me they would be deliverded on the 23rd before Xmas. They compounded this by turning off thier phones and refusing to see customers at the warehouse....I would never use City Link and am not happy with Companies I deal with who do...There is nothing business like about them with staff that have been to me not even in a uniform. What a difference to other courier Companies.
  • Time m.
    Quick response toPokey/Dumfyboy my greatest lifelong friend is chinese & his nickname is Chink & he sees no problem. If you look for racism you will find it. Real racism is in context not content of dialogue. Bobby n Rob I can't afford JL or M&S & finally Phil I think you will find Curries and Comet are the same group? There are lots of small great Companies out there, Greene King brewers and pub owners for one, I have always had excellent meals and service in their places at down to earth prices & their Customer Service if I have had a complaint has always been excellent.

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