So then, tell us about the BEST company of 2012...

As you may know, you all recently voted Yodel as the Worst Company In Britain for 2012, and quite comprehensive it was as well.

But there’s a new year coming and an air of positivity around, so we’re ready to invite your nominations for an altogether nicer poll – the Best Company In Britain 2012.

As with its nastier equivalent, you can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK. Put your nominations and your reason for praising and saluting them in the box below, or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you love the most over there as well with an @ reply.

Nominations will be open for a few days and after that we’ll put it to a vote. GO!


  • LuckyL
    John Lewis
  • Toryboy
  • amazed
    DPD. Everything a courier company should be. Text from driver when he was approximately an hour away, s Asked to let them know if not suitable and they would come round later. Pretty much everything Yodel isn't
  • j9
  • Finally
    Finally! BW isn't so negative and defeatist for once! Might actually start reading it again....
  • Chris
  • james d.
    as boring as it is, its probably amazon again.
  • Shazad R.
  • Spencer
  • Avon B.
    Primark, for providing worthwhile employment to six year-old Bangladeshi children.
  • badger
    Lord Coe, for services to his own ego.
  • RockinRon
    John Lewis - great prices, great service, they try harder without imposing themselves on you. Hard to fault them.
  • hands
    Yodel. OK for me when it comes to deliveries
  • Clunge
    Can HUKD be nominated since they ended up in the 'worst' poll? Saved me plenty this year. A bit less mainstream... Dyson? Excellent customer service. First Direct - because you can still ring a proper 0113 number and get straight through to a real person, and you can use their website without one of those ridiculous card readers.
  • Steff
  • Sicknote
    I'd like to vote for Waitrose; they do a sterling bang up job of keeping poor people and blacks out of their stores in the home counties.
  • Mike
    Currys....improved a lot
  • zeddy
    DPD vote here as well. Same comments as amazed.
  • Sawyer
    Perhaps an odd one, but Extra Motorway services. Having unfortunately found myself at a few too many service stations, I was surprised to find this chain is generally well-maintained, clean, and *shock horror* reasonably-priced! (subject to the individual stores inside) Probably has something to do with them being located off roundabouts rather than the motorway proper, but I don't care if it means I can fill up at regular prices.
  • Mykeff
    It's close between Comet and The BBC.
  • hands
    @Clunge Fuck off!
  • Turkey t.
    Currys PC World - their service has moved forwards massively! Really pleased every time I go in now - always got the stuff i want and pretty decent prices even compared with online shops.
  • Mr. P.
    I nominate Patel's Mini Mart. It's the hub of our local community. Helpful, charming staff, hygienic, a great selection of all my favourite brands - and at such low prices! I'd happy pay more for such wonderful service.
  • Josh
    Three. Because they're one more than 2. Not as good as four, but still 3.
  • Rory
    My vote is for Seven Media Group. They're a bunch of nerds who help me out with techie stuff. And they make good cups of tea.
  • Jamie e.
    The 99p store. Much better than those Poundland rip off merchants.
  • Sher
    The Seven Media Group! Extremely knowledgeable and brilliant - never making a person feel stupid for asking certain questions that may be "simple" to some. Kind and genuine. Very impressed :)
  • Jack
    Specsavers. Great prices, excellent customer service and always helpful and happy.
  • Kev
    John Lewis My brother got an olympics bag stolen coming back from london, My mum rang the customer service to see if they could help get another one, they put her straight through to the oxford street branch, with the big olympic store in. They arranged to have one delivered over the phone and it got delivered the next day, no delivery charge either :)
  • kv
    MSE :D
  • Boring B.
    Another one for Yodel, because it would make Bitterwallet look even more pathetic and pointless if Yodel won. Anyway, the Yodel delivery guy that delivers to me is very nice.
  • Burt r.
    The chinese fella with a rucksack full of dvds in my local, they even have covers!
  • Pieter a.
    It would have to be AMAZON for superb service, they usually deliver to me in a day, if not they sort out problems there and then.
  • David K.
    Waitrose for certain.
  • kv
    @ Boring Boy, brilliant plan
  • M4RKM
    John Lewis Partnership - I'm naming it that way, because it encompasses John Lewis Stores and Waitrose...
  • me
    first direct, amazon, john lewis
  • P O.
    DPD again.
  • WBRacing
    DPD (FTW) First Direct John Lewis Amazon
  • ScunnerRoo
    Novatech. And SofaSofa. And (natch) JLP/Waitrose.
  • Sadsak
  • dvdj10
    Another one for First Direct, best bank out there imo. Never had a bad word to say about them unlike most other people I speak to about other banks. Their app is woeful though...
  • dvdj10
    Although it's pointless putting First Direct in the poll as they'll never win as there isn't enough people with them who read this probably and people with other banks won't have a clue about them. So, Amazon.
  • EmCee
    I'm doing a U turn and would like to vote for HUKD but could Mr Dawson confirm just how much of a UK based company they are first?
  • CyBerman
    I can understand why people are saying Amazon, reliable etc., but they do still insist on using maligned courier firms - so I think not. My vote is probably for DPD who treat the addressee with as much respect as the addressor, which some courier firms do not.
  • Darren
    John Lewis & Amazon
  • Stan L.
    Hal Roach productions.
  • Denzil D.
    Another vote for DPD
  • gids
  • Jamie
    I reckon DPD employees are spamming the site. We've had nothing but trouble with DPD in the past couple of years.
  • MajorieDawes
    Amazon, without a doubt. Customer service is second to none. (Just a shame that they persist in using Yodel.)
  • Late
    Sainsburys Entertainment (online). I bought an ipod touch for one of the kids a week or so before Christmas, and paid a fiver for guaranteed delivery on the Friday afternoon (21st Dec). Got a text from DPD at 7am on the 21st advising the delivery would be on Monday 24th instead - which to be fair would be fine for me, but had me worried it might not turn up and I'd be left with no time to get one elsewhere. On Sunday 23rd I got a voicemail message from Sainsburys apologising for the delay, advising that the full cost (of product and delivery) had been refunded to me as compensation, and that I can keep the ipod FOC when it arrives on the 24th. It was indeed delivered on the 24th. Shame it was delayed (possibly because the DPD employees were all busy on a brand awareness course in anticipation of this feature), but fantastic of Sainsburys to effect a full refund - without any prompting whatsoever.
  • M00bs
    I must agree - amazon - despite not being a fan of their web-site layout and product information pages. Ordering is a breeze, prime is owrth having and returns/customer services should you need to use them are brilliant. Lots fo good buys last year and laready started this year ready for xmas!
  • amazon s.
    Amazon shouldn't get it, due to their ties with Yodel, the tax status, reducing their prices only to match other retailers and the fact their smug gits.
  • snigface
    I agree with the feeling that amazon should not get it, they're not very good news for retail in general. Morrisons for me, consistently low prices, great customer service, clean and vibrant stores, helpful staff and improving web services. Since you do a shop once a week, I think the supermarket should be better places all round
  • Andrew
    Starbucks, they make a fantastic choco-latte and as a shareholder make me a tidy dividend!
  • One t.
    First Direct, Amazon, John Lewis, DPD,, and Waitros. and Comet now it has gone!
  • Nicholson101
    Either - always prompt service at competitive prices or Valve - Steam is miles ahead of any other service and while not always competitive on price their sales more than make up for the full prices at other times. Now that we have Big Picture as well and Steam Boxes announced they're due to take over the market!
  • Dick
    M&S are great. Their offers keep the scum out of Waitrose.
  • amazon s.
    DPD, Aldi (they save me £20-£30 mega fun bucks per week compared to Tescon & Asderr) or the £1 fish bloke.
  • Bilbo007
    Mr Patel's - 24 summer st.
  • First Direct - everything works first time - never have an issue with them and they treat you like a real person - other banks take note!

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