So, what do you suggest I buy for Mother's Day?

Bitterwallet - routers mother's day

Of course. Just what she's always wanted. Cheers,!

[@anderaus] via [YFrog]


  • Al
    I reckon my Mum would be happy with these. She gets helluva PO'd if her internet goes down. Flowers schmowers
  • Bob C.
    I'm waiting for apple to send their traditional email. They seem to think the iPad Is "The perfect gift for just about every holiday anyone's ever thought of ! You think of a holiday and the iPad is the perfect gift ...... unless you're amish"
  • anonymous
    Bit Sexist there Paul.
  • Bazinga
    I got mine a Netgear, does that make me a bad person?
  • NB
    I think from the small 'i' in the bottom right corner, that this may be a behavioural targetted ad. So it's showing you routers because you (or someone on your computer) has been looking at them. Having said that, this means that anything from the site could potentially appear under the 'great gifts for mum' header. Which is almost worse.

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