So is Best Buy UK really better than all the rest?

Last week saw the much trumpeted launch of Best Buy UK, in the capitalist centre of the country - Thurrock Retail Park. We were expecting the new kids in town to dish out some überdeals and generally undercut the competition wherever possible, and we asked for your reviews and views on the new store. Which mostly went as follows:

"On Sunday, I drove to Lakeside before 10.00am to try and bag ourselves a deal at Best Buys and we were absolutely taken aback with the masses of people queuing outside the store in the pouring rain. We were going to join the queue, but we were told by a Best Buy employee that all the TVs on special offer had been sold. We were also told that there was a two hour queue outside the store." Scott

"What a crock! I went yesterday, the wait was about an hour to get in the store itself! Inside it was pretty much like any other out of town electronics store, the prices weren’t anything special, to be honest it was just plain pathetic really. I so expected bigger discounts across the store... don’t bother going if you’re expecting to bag a bargain, as they can’t beat amazon of and most of their stuff is the same price as Comet and Currys." Dan

"Less than 100 of the Logitech Harmony remotes. Waste of time, all gone in minutes, and the awful ticket system was not explained to those queuing. I went just for the chance of a riot and left disappointed." Veronica

Has Best Buy got a hope of beating the intermaweb, or making an impact on DSGi? If you're an an experienced Currys and Comet veteran with the scars to prove it, have you been and what do you make of it?


  • Laurz
    I don't understand this article (or more specifically the quotes in it). I don't think that the fact there were a lot of people queuing up is really an example of a bad store, it just means that it was popular. Not really a reason to write them off. 100 remotes that usually retail at over £300 is a LOT of stock really for one store to have in and practically giving them away. I don't think its fair to complain that they had sold out when they had sold around 100 of them. And complaining that theyre around the same price as currys is ok a fair point but what were we expecting? For best buy to be an electronic netto or aldi? I was expecting prices around the same as everywhere else but for best buy to be the only major chain that you can trust. That wont push things on to you and who will be honest and fair with refunds and support. And not one of these quotes suggests that they aren't. I think complaining about them purely on the fact that theyre the same price as other places and that a lot of people were shopping in the same store as you is very harsh. Lets give them a while to see if the staff try to force us to buy 80 quid hdmi cables and 700 year warranties before we judge them
  • Nader
    Here here... well said Laurz. They had some amazing deals... lowest price in the country on some of them... by a long shot too, it's your own fault for not getting down there quick enough really!
  • 3dtv
    Agreed. It's time that somebody broke up the currys/comet monopoly. John Lewis are making good strides, but hopefully bestbuy can strengthen the ranks.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    Just need more than the one store out in the arse end of no-where now!
  • Jason
    Annoys me when idiots write this kind of crap. You want a 32” LCD for £179 or £300 remote for £99, then get there early, don't have a lie in and expect to saunter into an empty shop and pick up all the deals. I got a 50” 1080P plasma TV for £499, the Logitech 1100 remote for £99, a black Wii for £99 and Avatar on Bluray for a tenner. Plenty of stock for the early birds and none for the lazy gits who could'nt be bothered. Only got themselves to blame, but prefer for blame everybody else instead.
  • dave
    my best service is always PC world ! Take the WEH agreement and you will always get good discount !!
  • Martin W.
    In some ways it seems like a complete waste of time with people moving away from the high street and buying online. Currys and Comet seem to get by on extortionate insurance policies, credit and over priced scart and hdmi cables but still they are struggling. How can Best Buy survive on better customer service. I shop by paying the very minimum price I can pay which is normally online or a special deal through hot deals. Don't expect great customer service. I've read it can be pretty bad in the usa so I wouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt over here. They may think they are starting here with a fresh slate but I would just go by their reputation in the states.
  • (jah) w.
    I can only echo the "what did you expects" but the "only chain you can trust" is lol. They'll operate in exactly the same manner as other corporations of that size, as the product pricing shows. Expect nothing (or worse) of them and get a pleasant surprise. Expect to be treated fairly and you are in for a massive disappointment.
  • bestbuy s.
    i love the fact that there lead deal £179 for a 32" tv was not digital ready something thats now illegal to sell in most european countries
  • buymorebod
    @ Bestbuy Suck: Are you sure? The Toshiba was freeview built in: I love the fact that people post replies on blogs without checking their facts first. Something that should be illegal in most European countries.
  • Brad
    Lets be honest when all the "Look at us! we new and shit!!11!!" overload is all done they will fall into line like the rest of them, giving out the odd bargain but generally not far off everyone else price wise. Go on. Prove me wrong you big American bastards! I dare ya! And as for people moaning that they didnt stock over 3000 cheap TV 's just for them to turn up at will, what did they really expect?
  • shinkyshonky
  • bobby
    i was one of the lucky ones have logitech remote but way more powerfull than i need can take back for 99 quid refund or if someone wants to make an offer im few miles from lakeside show genuine interest and i will sort...
  • Ralph M.
    So hang on let me get this straight.......Best Buy are NOT going to be selling everything half the price of Comet/Dixons or giving away free 50 year warranties with everything they sell??????????????? Damn you Bitterwallet for building my hopes up for the last 12 months
  • ilovedsgi
    you will always come back and shop with us you need us best buy will not take over and there deals will not last we will be seeing you soon so lets here it we love dsgi we love dsgi lol sad bastards
  • Snoop
    Bitterwallet doesn't seem to like Best Buy.... is it because it's an American company?
  • bestbuyarepants
    @ Snoop No. its because bitterwallet thought that Best Buy were gonna be a breath of fresh air, fell in love with them, and then had their heart broken when they realised that the company they had been singing the praises of for the last 12 months turned out to be no better or worse than its competitors. They have now been left with egg on the face, as everyone esle slates Best Buy. Good work bitterwallet!!!
  • Fly w.
    One thing to take into account is that Bestbuy has staffed a lot of there uk operations with dsgi and comet's crap eg Mike Hedgecox ex dsgi who's idea of improving customer service was to financially penalise a store for returning too many faulty items too the tune of £13 per item. Then give the sales staff an impossible to reach bonus based on the stores profit (these guys at the time were paid the min wage) to boost there pathetic salary that the returns charge effected. There are many examples of overpaid waste of space ex employees from both comet and dsgi who now work for them Bestbuy, more like best of Luck.

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